Breaking into the comics industry is both the easiest thing and hardest thing imaginable to do, for new artists. There are now endless forums to get your work where people can see it – from portfolio reviews to webcomics, DeviantArt to digital competition – but now also endless numbers of rivals at the doorstep. Now another route has opened itself up, and it’s one I’m really interested in keeping an eye on: Boom Studios have set up a facebook page for aspiring artists, colourists and letterers to show off their work.


A brave move perhaps from Boom, who are now about to be inundated with submissions from new artists. With most publishers closed off to submissions, this makes Boom one of the biggest comics publishers to have an open submission policy. From their guidelines:

Upload examples of your work for the BOOM! Studios Editorial staff to review. Post all art samples in the Timeline. DO NOT SEND MESSAGES. Make sure to provide your contact information. BOOM! does not respond directly to the posts or messages. BOOM! has hired a number of artists this way and will contact you if there is interest.

So keep that in mind if you are interesting in making submissions. It’s made clear that this is not a place to submit writing of any kind – artists only. Boom are split into three currently: there’s the main Boom Studios, but also Kaboom, the all-ages imprint, as well as the newly-acquired Archaia. So it’ll be really interesting to see if any of the three pick up on any new artists via facebook submission.

Good luck if you enter!


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