Stripped: Chris Ware – Comics, A Working Class Art Form

Chris Ware and Joe Sacco, courtesy of Jonathan Cape

Introduced as the laureate of graphic literature, the much celebrated Chris Ware booked a sell out event at a major literary festival, speaking about our fictional bubble lives, his superheroic beginnings, and his hopes and fears for the medium.

CLiNT Magazine Flames Out

clint dies

Over on CBR, Titan publishing have announced that CLiNT magazine – the one established by Mark Millar, which was to promote and expand his ‘Millarworld’ brand – will end with issue 2.8 this month.

Spokesman who led the Danish Muhammad cartoons protests: “Oops, my bad”


One of the leaders of the protest movement against a Dutch newspaper publishing cartoons of the prophet Muhammad—protests which killed scores f people and engulfed the entire Islamic world in violence and protest—now says he was wrong. Ahmad Akkari, now 35, says he was way offbase when he led the protests.

INTERVIEW: Adam P. Knave and DJ Kirkbride on the Ascent of Amelia Cole


The first trade of Amelia Cole, one of the launch titles for digital comics publisher Monkeybrain, is published today through IDW. This marks another successful journey from digital to print, as another creator-owned digital property now finds itself available on bookshelves round the world. It’s been quite the year for Monkeybrain – but also quite […]

The Retail View: DC’s 3-D’oh

by Leo McGovern, Crescent City Comics Growing up, I wasn’t very good at complicated Math. I’ve got the basics, I can balance a checkbook and pay my bills, but I understood high school Geometry and Physics like a good ol’ comic book expository splash page of science–it totally sounded right while it was being explained […]

Rep. John Lewis promotes March on The Colbert Report


March: Volume 1 has already had pretty huge success since its release at Comic-Con—and last night it got one of the ultimate media accolades—a slot on The Colbert Report. Stephen Colbert grilled the civil rights icon on wether graphic novels were serious enough for the Civil Rights movement—but you know, disparagement is Colbert speak for […]

Titan Promote It Came! #1 with a look at The Trumpington Bugle


Titan continue to tease and promote their comics with a series of unique and different bits of media. With today seeing the release of It Came! #1, the first issue of Dan Boultwood’s 1950’s sci-fi film pastiche comedy, they’ve unveiled the front cover of 1948’s edition of The Trumpington Bugle newspaper.

Nice art: Fiona Staples covers to SAGA #’s 13-16


A new issue of SAGA is out today and that will undoubtedly be cause for rejoicing among many readers. Over on her Tumblr, artist Fiona Staples has been posting the covers through issue #16 and here for your edification they all are.

Koyama Press announces Spring 2014 titles: Kim, DeForge, Jacobs and Lim


Wow is it Spring already? In the publishing world it is. Koyama Press has just announced its titles for Spring 2014 aka TCAF time! and as usual they look irresistible. The lineup includes new releases by Michael DeForge and Jesse Jacobs. Information below:

About Comics has warehouse sale


About Comics was a total baller before we ever knew what a micro-publisher was, with books by Charles Schulz, Gail Simone and more. According to publisher Nat Gertler, it’s a bit of an on again off again thing nowadays, but still has a good backlist. Gertler writes to say that due to his Canadian printer […]

Badger’s Star Trek Pie Eating Contest from Breaking Bad is already animated


Although it only aired Sunday night, in a Flash (heh heh get it????) Vulture hired Matt Czap to animate the proposed Star Trek episode pitched in a stoned haze by supprting character Badger. The story involves pie and a transporter, may possibly be a sequel to Stand By Me, and was actually debated for years on the Breaking Bad set.

News and Notes: NYCC, P. Craig Russell, a job opening, truth, etc


§ New York Comic Con unveiled it’s 2013 poster. It is the work of Stephane Roux, and feature Superman and Wonder Woman in a tribute to the new World Trade Center. Rock on, as they say. § How many millions of job seeking journos applied for this job opening for associate editor at MTV Geek? […]