Nice art: Takashi Matsuyama’s Motor Panic


Takashi Matsuyama is a former assistant of Akira Toriyama (DragonBall Z, Doctor Slump). He’s best known here for the art book Motor Panic, from which this art is taken. If ever a title was perfectly descriptive, that’s the one. Via Brandon Graham This Takashi Matsuyama (who assisted Akira Toriyama) site has some awesome stuff on […]

Vaughan and Martin release The Private Eye behind-the-scenes


The Private Eye, the webcomic by Brian K. Vaughan, Marcos Martin and Muntsa Vicente about a world without the internet, is up to the third issue of its planned 10-issue run, but to keep you busy between installments, Panel Syndicate has just released a special 85-page issue of behind the scenes stuff, including Vaughan’s original […]

On the Scene: Boston Comic Con Exceeds Expectations


By Carolina Cooney After having to cancel their original mid-April date due to the Boston Marathon bombing, Boston Comic Con was back this past weekend and by all measures it was a resounding success. Their new location at the Seaport Convention Center was a big improvement over the original location, with better lighting, a higher […]

Paul Pope’s Battling Boy trailer debuts


Battling Boy is one of the year’s major releases, a long brewing hero’s journey accompanied by some of the most spectacular work of Paul Pope’s career. Boing Boing jus debuted the trailer and a 10 page preview. While book trailers are often shorter motion comics, BB work’s pretty well for the limited animation style. Battling […]

Must read: India’s Leaping Windows—an emerging comics market’s first comics cafe


I often run links about India’s comics market while still wondering just how emerging it is, but Ryan Holmberg’s great profile of Leaping Windows Comics Cafe outside Mumbai explains a lot about both how the “suburbs” work and how India’s middle class is still finding disposable income for things like comics. I begin with this […]

Congratulations, Jimmy and Amanda!


Amanda and I tied the knot. Finally. — Jimmy Palmiotti (@jpalmiotti) August 6, 2013 According to the above tweet, one of comics most loved couples tied the knot yesterday. Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner are so close that everyone assumed they were married already, but the big day gave the bride a chance to […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 8/6/2013: Add color to your world


§ Slate has a cartoon-character color wheel which is enlightening. Please hit the link for the whole thing. § This much travelled link interviews Boudewjin Pelt, a Dutch programmer who invented two plugins that make all life coloring comics possible. Pelt’s innovations, simple in nature, have changed the way digital artists work. Two tools, called […]