Marvel and Disney are getting weird


D23, Disney’s own proprietary fan access, media blowout event is coming this weekend. It’s Disney’s own little Comic-Con and they typically save some big announcements for it. It’s only held every other year, and this time out there WILL be a Marvel announcement, as shown by this teaser and the caption: This weekend, only at […]


New IDW My Little Pony collection is the price of an actual pony


Although the title says My LITTLE Pony, this collection of IDW’s run of the book will be anything but, and in true IDW fashion it will come in six variants, each more luxurious than the other. The creme de le creme is the My Little Pony: Return Of Queen Of Chrysalis – Blue Label – […]


Exclusive Interview: Joshua Hale Fialkov on The Bunker


The launch day of The Bunker, a new comic from Joshua Hale Fialkov and Joe Infurnari is finally here! Make sure you don’t miss out, and while we’re all excited over this new epic comic, lets sit down and have a chat with Fialkov himself.


The Sequential Graphic Novel App Is Now Available Worldwide


Sequential, the graphic novel app store which launched in the UK earlier this year, is now available globally. Panel Nine announced the launch last week, also noting that they’ve added a number of other publishers and creators to their steadily-growing list of graphic novels.


Peanuts: It takes a nation of millions to hold Franklin back


Here’s a window into comics as social history as Nat Gertler write about this history of Franklin, the black kid in Peanuts which began with a request from a white schoolteacher named Harriet Glickman in 1968: That request earned a personal reply from Schulz, who noted that such ideas had been discussed with fellow cartoonists, […]


Nice Art: Paolo Rivera’s “pulp” style Guardians of the Galaxy covers


Over the weekend, this two “pulp style” variants cover for Guardians of the Galaxy by Paolo Rivera were released. (By CBR.) I love GotG. I love Paolo Rivera. I love ole timey-wimey covers. So of course I love these. Now, although most pulp magazine covers were painted, these are rendered in flat color, as they […]


Valiant Announce Unity’s Creative Team; Two More Valiant-Exclusive Creators

Valiant’s Super Team

Valiant have announced the creative team – and some further details – for Unity, their first crossover event of the new launch. Starting in November, the book will be written by Matt Kindt, drawn by Doug Braithwaite, and coloured by Brian Reber.


A lot of money was spent at the recent Heritage comics art auction


That big Heritage Auction of comics and original art wound up over the weekend, and a lot of money was spent. The cover to Lloyd Llewellyn #3 by Daniel Clowes sold for $47,800, despite some people never having heard of him. That’s probably a record for an indie type artist. Three Watchmen covers (that didn’t […]


Battle of the comic book movies: 2 Guns #1, while Smurfs stall


In a triumph of the human spirit, 2 Guns was the #1 film, beating out two other comic book movies. @ Guns made $27.4 million, which is kinda tepid, but thank god, The Wolveirne was #2 and Smurfs 2 crashed and smurfed: This 3D hybrid live-action/CG  animated sequel couldn’t even make in its first five […]


Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 8/5/2013: PictureBox is having a sale!


§ Well that Boston Comic Con looks like it was fun. § Sue at DCWKA notes that this week two female writers debuted at DC: Marguerite Bennett wrote the BATMAN ANNUAL #2 and Nicole Dubuc wrote a Flash back-up making her the first woman to write a Flash story. § This is a bit convoluted, […]


Overview: Should Writers Pay Artists Upfront?

art alley

This weekend saw a bit of discussion going on regarding the status of writers and artists. There’s already an ongoing debate about the way in which comic reviewers talk about the role of artists, and now the attention is moving more towards the relationship between a writer and an artist. When a new project starts […]