Must Read: Tom Scioli on good/bad coloring and Barry Windsor Smith


Cartoonist Tom Scioli (Gødland) is obviously a devotee of classic comics styles; it should come as no surprise, then, when he wonders Whatever Happened to Barry Windsor-Smith?. Smith is credited with introducing the influence of the Pre-Raphaelite art school to comics, along with his studio mates Jeff Jones and Wm. Michael Kaluta. Swearing by William […]

Run DMC’s Daryl McDaniels teams up with Bronze Age Great Sal Buscema…and that was a real thing


Like many of the great rappers—and he is one of the old skool greats—Darryl “DMC” McDaniels grew up a big comics nerd. So after meeting up with a fellow comics loving music exec, McDaniel decided to get involved with his own “Darryl Makes Comics”, which will release a graphic novel called DMC in the fall. […]

Help Jim Lee put his kids through college by buying Jack Kirby’s ARGO art


Well that’s the short hand version. Basically, back in the 90s, Jim Lee bought two piece of Jack Kirby art. At the time everyone was unaware of the backstory as to how they were created: as told in fictionalized form in the Best-Picture winning film Argo, Kirby had created the concept art for a film […]

Keith Knight offers new subscription service


Even as Matt Bors has been making the rounds telling us how editorial cartooning is dead (which is it) enterprising cartoonists such as Ruben Bolling and Stephanie McMillan have been fihting back by offering “subscription services” for their work—and it’s been working. So now the extremely busy Keith Knight is joining them with his own […]

Sam Henderson’s Magic Whistle celebrates 20 years and relaunches website


“Humor can be funny,” cartoonist Sam Henderson once told us, and he was so right. Henderson has been giving us the giggles for 20 years now and his publisher Alternative Comics is marking event by relaunching his website, The Magic Whistle, and publishing three books in print and digital. The revamped website offers an archive […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 8/2/2013: Boston Comic Con is back this weekend


§ First off, the Boston Comic Con—which had to be postponed after the Boston Marathon Bombings and subsequent manhunt—is being held this weekend, and many of the original guests are going. Hope it’s a success, as the postponement must have caused many financial problems for the organizers: This year, the convention takes place on Aug. […]