Oh yes, more from SDCC, you’re all going to be thrilled. But wait! This time round the reporting doesn’t come from anyone at The Beat – instead it comes from SDCC Special Guest Faith Erin Hicks, who has broken down her experience at this year’s convention into a journal comic.

Picking up from the moment she was invited as a guest to the convention, the comic sees her fly out to San Diego with boyfriend (and fellow comics journalist) Tim Larade and experience life in the spotlight.


Hicks was one of the creators specially invited to the convention this year, meaning she also had a spotlight panel (moderated by Jeff Smith) on top of the signing table/panel discussions/nightly banquets which have become part of the convention tradition. Also, in what seems to be a recurring theme from SDCC recollections, Joss Whedon also pops up at one point. You can read her entire journal over at her Tumblr.


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