Stop wondering where all the female creators are, and go find them!


Following on from Heidi’s post about gender issues in the comics industry, the best response seemed clear: I should probably write a post about some gender issues. Which leads me to a question which has started to circulate through t’blogosphere recently: whilst we’re all very quick to leap onto DC and Marvel’s track record with […]

The latest craze is: Sterankoing


At a convention once something happened which haunted all who witnessed it. It was so powerful that a Tumblr had to be launched. It was calledSterankoing. In case you are unaware, comics legend Jim Steranko is given to wearing oversized zoot suits and flashy cowboy boots. The man is still flashy; always will be. This […]

Hot stuff: Farel Dalrymple is Delusional


Oh, Adhouse, why must you torture me so? The publishers of fine comics and art material have been on a streak of fire recently, releasing quality book after quality book. And now here’s another to add to your ‘buy’ list: a stunning  hardcover collection of art and comics from Farel Dalrymple ( Pop Gun War, It […]

Man of Steel’s snap decision: Goyer and Snyder were for it; Nolan wasn’t — SPOILERS


Kremlinologists, this interview at Empire mag with David S. Goyer and Zack Snyder apparently does for MAN OF STEEL what Glenn Greenwald does for our privacy. If you don’t want to listen to the whole thing, ComicBook.Com has some quotes that reveal just why Superman did what he did at the end of MAN OF […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, June 18, 2013: For Kremlinologists only


§ Sean Kleefeld has the fullest CAKE indie comics expo report and it sounds stimulating: Although the show was formally about any independent comics work, there was something of a theme around the possibilities of the art form itself. This was most clearly expressed in the “Innovative Forms” panel where they discussed comics as room-sized […]

Alan Moore takes to Kickstarter for “His Heavy Heart”


Just as he hinted, Alan Moore and director Mitch Jenkins have started a Kickstarter for the short film “His Heavy Heart”, the fifth part of a movie serial they’ve been collaborating on. The first four parts have been completed but the duo are seeking £45,000 to finish it in style. They’ve raised about £7,400 in […]