On the Scene: MoCCA Fest 2013, SelfMadeHero’s Englishmen in New York


It’s a truism that comics culture and the comics industry varies radically from country to country, but MoCCA Fest’s efforts to bring in an international perspective is laudable, to get past the stereotypes of difference and hear the story first-hand. Needless to say, it’s valuable to avoid a myopic perspective of the American comics industry […]

A Comics Tribute to Annette Funicello


The beloved Disney icon whole burgeoning adolescence entranced a generation of Mickey Mouse Club Watchers—before she went on to become a beach blanket staple and Skippy peanut butter enthusiast—Annette Funicello died earlier this week at the age of 70. In a very full life she also managed to have a surprisingly large comic book presence. While this cover gallery speaks to Disney’s endless—and disturbing—series of chintzy movies, looking at Annette’s essential perkiness in a jaunty scarf and pristine white gloves, gives ample evidence of why she was so beloved in her day.

REVIEW: 10 Debuts at MoCCA Fest 2013


MoCCA Fest simulates the surreal experience of swimming in comics, even this year when things were more neatly arranged within their red curtained aisles, and perhaps it was more of a spa experience than it has been in the past. Being more orderly just meant that you were exposed to even more dizzyingly interesting indie […]

Interview: Image’s Eric Stephenson on the Saga #12 Controversy “Kinda sucks.”

With a he said/they said going around and around and around on the giant cloud chat room, Image publisher Eric Stephenson reached out to set the record straight. Given all the confusion about what the heck happened, I tried to ask questions that establish a chain of events rather than assign blame or point fingers. Many thanks to Eric for his time, and to Ron Richards for setting this up.

Kickstarter Watch: “Puffed Shoggoths” A H.P. Lovecraft Art Zine!


The boundless influence of horror/fantasy/weird fiction mastermind H.P. Lovecraft is palpable in so many sectors of popular culture today. From the countless punk and metal bands that pay homage to the author in songs and their performative pseudonyms to fictionalized appearances in television and film, the mark of the Necronomicon creator is hard to miss. […]

Nice art: Inaki Miranda


  Inaki Miranda is an amazing Spanish artist best known for TRIBES: THE DOG YEARS and work for Vertigo. He’s just launched a new website that includes some astonishing concept art, as well as something called Meta Pop and even more about Superdragons. If you poke around, you’ll even find a manifesto. It’s trippy and gorgeous. Go lose […]

So about that Oblivion Graphic novel…


With Oblivion—the Tom Cruise SF vehicle—opening next week, we have some official word about the graphic novel that inspired it, via Radical Studio’s evp Jesse Berger. Although I’ve been skeptical in the past about Radical’s publishing plans, they approached me in good faith to set the record straight, which is appreciated. In this case the […]

Kick-Watcher: Jason Coffee’s Warhawks and Meatspace 2 & 3


Jason Coffee passed away at the age of 33 leaving behind many sci-fi movie scripts that will never see the light of day. Jason’s dying wish was for his voice to be heard, so his friends respected his wishes and adapted Coffee’s Warhawks  screenplay into a comic book. Josh Grofain is back on the Kickstarter-horse after […]