Instead of Kibbles ‘n’ bits, we present a bunch of things I had tagged that I never got to write up in all the excitement. The news never sleeps!


¶ In case you missed a series of rather mystifying teasers released recently by Dark Horse, you should have known they were the work of Joe Casey, to announce the actual debut of Catalyst Comics, his new anthology spotlighting DH’s superhero characters Titan, guardian angel Amazing Grace, and the subversive Agents of Change. The art is by Dan McDaid, Ulises Farinas, and Paul Maybury with covers by Rafael Grampá, Paul Pope, and Brendan McCarthy. SOLD!!! The books comes out on July 3rd, so I’d imagine they would like retailers to order it NOW.

¶ Second podcast of the week as I appear on Comic News Insider with Beat pal Jimmy AQuino:

Jimmy is joined in studio once again by the EIC of The Beat, Heidi MacDonald! They give their big recaps on MoCCA Festival and were quite pleased with the show. The Society of Illustrators took over this year and did a bang up job! Jimmy gets a few interviews at the show with Rob Davis (The Complete Don Quixote), Robert Sellers (Hellraisers) and Matt Miner (Liberator). They also remember comics legends Carmine Infantino and George Gladir. News includes: Saga #12 banned, Carrie Kelley returns as Robin and In the Flesh comes to BBC America.  As always, listener feedback, Top 3 and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!


¶ There is something called Red Giant, and it’s more comics! Industry vet David Campiti is running it for a an IP company, and he hopes to get 1 million in circulation with free comics!

The company is planning four free monthly books with the following titles: Giant-Size Action, Giant-Size Fatales, Giant-Size Thrills and Giant-Size Fantasy. A fifth book titled Giant-Size Quarterly will come out on months with a fifth Wednesday, the release said.

More here. Althoough Red Giant hasn’t been much heard from in comics circles, they already have a movie eal for their book Wayward Sons.

¶ If you’ve always dreamed of running the Walking Dead zombie obstacle course but can’t go to San Diego, it’s being held for the first time in Philadelphia on April 21. Philadelphia, zombies, you do the math.

§ Interesting post from Colleen Doran on the restoration process for A Distant Soil

The proper way to scan this art is at 1200 DPI GREYSCALE, and then go through a process of digital cleanup. Because this art is more than 20 years old, has many tiny, almost invisible debris artifacts, and hand applied tone sheets, you can’t treat it like crisp, new black and white art with no tones, which was what this guy was trying to do. Every flaw shows up in the scan. You can even see where correction fluid was used under the tone sheets. I now archive all my original black and white art as greyscale, and then do cleanup and conversion to a bitmap file, even if the art has no tones. This archiving debacle was about a decade ago, when it was especially difficult to find people with real expertise at digital archiving. I had NO LUCK hiring out at all. It’s still tricky finding the right people. Everyone with a scanner thinks they know what they are doing, and almost none of them do.


Kate Leth will be selling this charming bag at TCAF and MeCAF. Buy one!


¶ Cassie Hack, from Tim Seeley’s Hack/Slash will be crossing over with Dynamite’s Evil Dead comics, in a tale written by Seeley with covers by Seeley, Stefano Casello, Ben Templesmith, and Chris Eliopolis. According to Seeley, “There will be blood, boobs, baseball bats, and boomsticks.”

¶ We recently received a PR email with the promising title “ADVENTURE TIME “PLAYING WITH FIRE” ORDERS ECLIPSE ADVENTURE TIME VOLUME 1” but the actual release didn’t really elaborate on the sales magnitude. Stil, we’d imagine an Adventure Time OGN written by Danielle Corsetto would do pretty good.

Join Flame Princess, alongside Finn and Jake, as she leaves the Flame Kingdom and goes on her very first adventure! When Finn the human is kidnapped from the Carnival Kingdom, Flame Princess must team up with Jake the dog to save him. Written by acclaimed cartoonist Danielle Corsetto (GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS) and drawn by rising star Zack Sterling (BRAVEST WARRIORS, ADVENTURE TIME), “Playing With Fire” will be in stores on May 15th, 2013. The first ADVENTURE TIME original graphic novel is presented in a pocket black and white edition appealing to fans of SCOTT PILGRIM and Japanese manga!

§ Something called THE FIRST LAW from Blind Ferret has been written by New York Times bestselling novelist Joe Abercrombie and you WILL be able to buy it on ComiXOlogy.

Industry veteran Chuck Dixon (The Punisher, The Simpsons) is handling scripting, with detailed artwork by Andie Tong (The Batman Strikes, Tron: Betrayal), and stunning colors by Peter Pantazis (Justice League of America, Superman/Batman). Joe Abercrombie is personally overseeing all stages of production on the title.


¶ DC announced that their Free Comic Book Day 2013 (Saturday, May 4) offerings will focus on Superman. Of all things! Get  SUPERMAN: LAST SON OF KRYPTON #1 and DC NATION SUPER SAMPLER #1 free while supplies last. Jim Lee and Scott Snyder have also been palling around together to promote their own upcoming Superman tome.
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