The boundless influence of horror/fantasy/weird fiction mastermind H.P. Lovecraft is palpable in so many sectors of popular culture today. From the countless punk and metal bands that pay homage to the author in songs and their performative pseudonyms to fictionalized appearances in television and film, the mark of the Necronomicon creator is hard to miss. Even in comics publishing, Lovecraft continues to be a muse, as seen in the recent THE LOVECRAFT ANTHOLOGY from Abrams ComicArts. The newest addition of Lovecraftian homage is PUFFED SHOGGOTHS, an art zine featuring over 50 incredible illustrators, artists, and comic makers re-imagining and transforming a visual tribute to the iconic horror figure.



From the mind of Lovecraft enthusiast and talented illustrator Trevor Henderson, along with his co-organizer Kathryn Bright, this Kickstarter aims to release PUFFED SHOGGOTHS for next month’s TCAF. With only 15 more days to go, this ambitious project is filled with amazing incentives, only overshadowed by the remarkable list of contributors.




“Puffed Shoggoths” will be perfect-bound, and will feature 72 pages of grey-scale artwork from over 50 amazing illustrators, artists and comic makers, all paying tribute to the bleak and terrifying world of H.P. Lovecraft. The cover will be in full-colour, on a thick card-stock of the highest quality. Lovecrafts’ written works were filled with monstrous gods, horrifying cults, and an enveloping sense of inescapable doom. Just some of the good stuff you can expect to find in this book!

  • Michael DeForge
  • Jon Vermilyea
  • Sam Heimer
  • Julian Callos
  • Aleks Sennwald
  • Sam Bosma
  • Kat Verhoeven
  • Shane Hillman
  •  Kaity Hill
  • Hugo Arias
  • Jenn Woodall
  •  Erin Ornstein
  •  Michelle Chrzanowski
  •  Mary Verhoeven
  • PMurphy
  •  Andy McNeil
  • Michael Bukowski
  • Michael Clayton
  • Patrick Sparrow
  • Triangular Boy
  • Gillian Blekkenhorst
  • Chris Huth
  • Arthur Bohrden
  • Rachel Kahn
  • K. Lee Kain
  • Chris O’Neal
  • Nicolo Pellizzon
  • Richard Disley
  •  Mark Thibodeau
  •  Jasper Van Looveren Baines
  • Sabrina Parolin
  • Eunice Luk
  • John Delucca
  • Max Capacity
  • Chris Kuzma
  • Mike Ellis
  • Rafahu
  • Jennifer Ilett
  • Aeron Alfrey
  • Johann Tebrake
  • FuFu Frauenwahl
  • Toren Atkinson
  • Laura Harte
  •  Trevor Henderson
  • Jimmy Giegerich
  • Sabrina Scott
  • Ted Gudlat
  • Andrea Kalfas
  • John Lang
  •  Kelly Forbes
  • Iain Danvers
  • Zach Hazard Vaupen
  • Melanie Tranchemontagne
  •  Byron Eggenschwiler
  • Dilraj Mann
  • Stefie Zohrer


Perhaps one of the most noteworthy incentives comes from illustrator SAM HEIMER, who redefines fandom with the promise of:

And finally, star illustrator Sam Heimer has also contributed a prize to our highest tier, a custom, 20+ hour ink rendition of the donator having relations with an Innsmouth deep one, with the sinister Captain Obed Marsh cheering you on and spraying your tangled forms with Champagne.

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If anything, the Kickstarter is worth checking out for the oogling of the numerous Lovecraftian artwork, but for any fan and appreciator of all things horror, PUFFED SHOGGOTHS is definitely worth getting your hands on.

Head on over to the KICKSTARTER PAGE as well as the zine’s TUMBLR!


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