Jane Mai’s Poop Nightmare

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At the risk of lowering the tone, I relay to you the news of Jane Mai’s Poop Nightmare: so bad it needed capitalization  As someone who lives in an old Victorian house, I can say with the weight of experience that there’s nothing worse than burst pipes, leaky drainage and overflowing toilet: the water seeps everywhere […]

Review: Emily (and the) Strange(rs) #1


If we can trust editor Rachel Edidin (and who wants to live in a world where we can’t?) then Emily Strange is a pretty big deal. And indeed, looking at the history of the character, something pretty fascinating has been going on here. Originally created by Rob Reger as a mascot for his clothing company, […]

BlackBerry offers you a chance to collaborate with Neil Gaiman


The newly rebranded BlackBerry (AKA RIM) has a big new promotion called A Calendar of Tales which involves Neil Gaiman. Neil wants you to inspire him with themes for A Calendar of Tales. He’ll develop a collection of twelve tales from your ideas and then invite you to submit illustrations, choosing his favourite for each […]

Spain, Meskin enter the Eisner Award Hall of Fame


Preliminary voting is in on this year’s Eisner Award Hall of Fame and the judges have selected Mort Meskin and Spain Rodriguez for automatic inclusion.

Angoulême 2013 in pictures


Although the Angoulême Comics Festival is the biggest comics event outside of Japan, with 200,000 people visiting art exhibits and lining up for hours to meet cartoonists, is the the most poorly covered in the English language. No minutely updates of what vintage wine is consumed or breaking news on cover artists, Nonetheless, scouring our twitter feed revealed some pictures that give a bit of the flavor:

Stan Lee is back on the scene and bringing joy to the children with his new kids comics line


Although Stan The Man Lee has been missing a few appearances of late—we’re told due to the flu—he was well enough to appear at an event this weekend to mark the launch of his Stan Lee Kids Universe Line of comics. This is not only welcome proof that The Man is still alive and kicking, but a super rare coming to fruition of one of the Many Pacts of Stan Lee.

World War 3 Illustrated on Ed Koch


In the tradition of advocacy cartooning through the ages, the NY-based political comics anthology World War 3 reminds us that the late Ed Koch, former mayor of New York, wasn’t always a beloved avuncular figure. Contemporary cartoons from Eric Drooker, Steve Brodner and Tom Keough take on Kach’s handling of the homeless, affordable housing and police brutality.

The Mystery of the Missing Crossover – DC’s Flashpoint Revisited


Not too long ago, I saw the hardcover of Flashpoint on the library shelf.  I didn’t pick up Flashpoint when it came out, given how overused the alternate reality theme was at the time, so I figured I should give it a look and see if the concept had improved with age and reacquaint myself with the Crossover Event […]

More Super Bowl trailers

Under The Dome Trailer for the book jacket OZ The Great and Powerful — looking forward to this! Fast and the Furious ^ – Rock meets Diesel The Lone Ranger. Hm.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits: 2/4/13 — Annie Awards announced


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Who turned the lights out at the Super Bowl: Beyoncé or Bane?


When the Super Bowl at the Super Dome was plunged into darkness by a blackout last night, Twitter immediately pointed the finger at two possible suspects—halftime entertainer Beyoncé ,who doubtless needed a million hair dryers to get her ‘do just so, and alight those neon Busby Berkeley tributes.

Extended IRON MAN 3 trailer and new stills


Disney has released the EXTENDED (well, really extensive) trailer for IRON MAN 3 a brief snippet of which was shown on the Super Bowl in the posh post Beyoncé spot.