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§ The Annie Awards honoring the best in animations were given out this weekend. Cartoon Brew has all the winners but the biggest one was Wreck-it Ralph which won Best Animated Feature, Best Director and many more.

§ Mark Evanier has sage advice on how to have a writing career:

In the 44 years I’ve been doing it, I’ve never really been out of work. I’ve also never had a gig that I felt reasonably certain would be there a year — more often, six months — down the line. And as an important adjunct to that, I’ve never had a time when 100% or even 75% of my income came wholly from one source. I’m always doing three or more things at a time and talking to ten more about projects in the future. (A rough rule of thumb for me is that if I’m talking to ten people about things I might write soon, I know that five are very remote possibilities and that of the remaining five, one is likely to happen, two at the most.) I have also never been exclusive to any company or buyer. Very little of that is a brag. Quite the opposite, I envy so much about people who have a job they love and it’s secure and they can be reasonably certain that they can be doing it ten years from now if they want. I just accept that I’ve selected a career where that kind of thing rarely happens.

§ Think Tank’s Ron Perazza and Daniel Govar interviewed

§ A nice profile of Allison Strejlau, the artist on the new Regular Show comic, a colorist on some First Second books. Strejlau is a graduate of SVA and we’ve been following her as one of the most talented recent grads so it’s nice to see her getting some work going.


§ Dear lord this Brecht Evens art exhibit at Angoulême looks incredible! Links to more of the exhibitions here.

§ All the Pre Toy Fair new you need. In fact we may not even go to Toy Fair!

§ Marvel’s next HUlk movie may adapt the Planet Hulk storyline, written by Greg Pak. and dreamed up by Joe Quesada. This is just a very unconfirmed rumor at this point but in our humble opinion, putting the Hulk in a new situation like that—whisked away to an alien planet where he must battle—would do away with a lot of the problems that bringing him to the screen has caused (It’s hard to have the passive side of the character as a ‘hero’.)

§ Headline you do not often see: From Superior Spider-Man to Lilli Carré, the best of recent graphic novel releases

§ And another! Graphic novel gripping, melancholy

§ Brian Heater’s monthly comic books picks at Boing Boing.


§ The history of Scotland has been captured in a comic!

Archaeologists, historians, scientists and specialists in climatology and the natural sciences have produced a graphic novel-style guide, Telling Scotland’s Story, illustrated by the Scottish artist Sha Nazir of Black Hearted Press and written by James Crawford, communications manager of the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS) .


§ Union City , NJ Poet Laureate Ben Figueroa helped put on a little comic book show this weekend that had a nice moment:

Among the visitors earlier today was 12-year-old Yomalis Perozo who came to the museum with her mother Karen Sanchez. Perozo, a young artist, said he is a fan of Ironman and that she created her own comic book called “The Day of Veera.” She said the comic is about a young girl with superpowers who loses her memory in a car cash and slowly, through dreams, she recollects who she truly is. The festival, “just really inspires me”, she said.


§ What does Zero look like?

§ Finally in very sad news, the wolverine is in danger of becoming extinct due to climate change:

Extensive climate modeling indicates that the wolverine’s snowpack habitat will be greatly reduced and fragmented in the coming years due to climate warming, thereby threatening the species with extinction,” the proposed rule said. The fierce predators, whose wide feet and sharp claws keep them agile during mountain winters, weigh 25 to 45 pounds when fully grown but will fight a bear that strays into their territory. They raise newborn kits in burrows deep beneath snows that do not melt until mid-May.

It would be sad if this amazing creature lived on only as a superhero.