The newly rebranded BlackBerry (AKA RIM) has a big new promotion called A Calendar of Tales which involves Neil Gaiman.

Neil wants you to inspire him with themes for A Calendar of Tales. He’ll develop a collection of twelve tales from your ideas and then invite you to submit illustrations, choosing his favourite for each tale. This collection will transform into an amazing calendar showcasing your illustrations beside Neil’s stories.

So, for the chance to collaborate with Neil watch his film below and start sending him your ideas.


People can contribute their ideas via the BlackBerry Keep Moving Hub, his Twitter feed, and other online communities. Participants will also be able to add on their own art and stories after Gaiman has written his tales and the whole thing will be collected for a calendar, with proceeds to go to charity.
As part of the project, Gaiman will be photographed using a BlackBerry 10–luckily it’s a pretty nifty device.

Idea selection is only open today so get to it, people!