Nice Art: Joy Teeth art blog


Joy Teeth is a newish and lovely group art tumblr by a bunch of CCS-associated folks, like • J.P. Coovert • Stephen Floyd • Sean Ford • Alexis Frederick-Frost • James Hindle • Alex Kim • Joe Lambert • Chuck McBuck • Melissa Mendes • José-Luis Olivares Great stuff except…no has been signing their work! […]

Marvel’s 2013 Event will be Age of Ultron


Their first event, at any rate. Today’s conference call was with Brian Michael Bendis, who will be writing a 10-issue event story for Marvel Now in March 2013. Age of Ultron will be split in half, with the first five issues drawn by Bryan Hitch, and the back five by Carlos Pacheco and Brandon Peterson.

How to: A case study for a first-time Kickstarter, Part 1


Sitting in on the Kickstarter panel at the New York Comic Con, I found myself sharing many of the questions that were posed to the Benign Kingdom Creators, a Kickstarter team that raised well over $100,000 with their campaign: How can I create such a successful campaign? How do I build an audience that large?

SNL spoofs Hawkeye’s small quiver


This weekend’s Saturday Night Live featured guest host Jeremy Renner who was all too happy to reprise his role as Hawkeye in a very amusing AVENGERS spoof that also featured Jason Sudeikis as Iron Man, Bill Hader as Thor, Bobby Moynihan as the Hulk, Taran Killam as Captain America, Kate McKinnon as a dead-on Black […]

Superman Earth One V. 2 and AvX make bestseller chart


Backing up what we were saying the other day, two hardcover graphic novels debuted on Publishers Weekly Bestseller list via BookScan. Superman Earth One, Volume 2 debuted at #18 with 4097 copies sold; the Avengers vs X-Men collection debuted at #21 with 3124 copies sold. Neither is likely to stick around on the charts for […]

Confused about how to be a geek? New book has answers


With all the controversy about who is and is not a True Geek, and with competition for highly sought after “geek perks” at an all time high, a book on how to be a geek is definitely what we need—and with much loved Geek icon Sheldon Cooper on the cover no less. From Krause, fine publishers of guides to collecting salt shakers, coins and comics, comes The Geek Handbook, by co-creator Alex Langley. And there is nothing stereotypical at all about this book’s blurbs:

Oops. Kindle comics are returnable?


A reader writes that he’s been buying some of Amazon’s DC Digital Comics, and just noticed that, like other Kindle titles, there’s a grace period for returning them. So, in theory, someone could buy this week’s DC lineup for Kindle, read them and return them. We’d imagine this policy extends to other comics available for […]

Scratching the Surface of Thought Bubble 2012


This weekend saw Thought Bubble 2012’s convention, and…. phew, it was busy. I did my best to talk to everybody, but don’t think I managed to get to even half of all the people who were there. It was a brilliant show, and I’ll try to do justice to it with my rundown. Get ready….!