Monday Morning Funnies: The Society of Unordinary Young Ladies


You may have already heard of Wahab Algarmi and Joel Sigua’s The Society of Unordinary Young Ladies – a web comic that plays cleverly and originally off of the Alan Moore classic, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

indiegogo: The Garlicks, True Patriot and Jaybird


The Kick-Watcher takes a break from Kickstarter to show you what indiegogo projects you should be supporting.

The Secret Origin of Marvel Now!


“Marvel Now!” sounded vaguely familiar, right?  Not the “let’s relaunch everything with a new #1″ part — you’ve seen that many times before.  But the name, didn’t that sound vaguely familiar?  Well, turns out there a reason it sounded familiar.

Arrow gets a full season pickup


Arrow, the TV series based on the Green Arrow comic, has hit the target for the CW, with a full season pickup announced this morning after a strong debut and audience retention. The CW launched the drama in October, away from the clutter of the typical September Premiere Week, with the series opening to a […]

RIP Peter McFarland

12sided barnjpg

I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few of the greatest visionaries of the last 50 years, and men and women who have shaped the course of our culture, but I say with complete honesty that the most amazingly creative person I ever met in my life was my uncle, Peter McFarland, who passed away […]

Student Newspaper Fires Cartoonist for Anti-Gay Comic Strip


Free speech or hate speech?

NYCC Six In Six: Mike Norton

Mike Norton

by Matt O’Keefe Welcome to Six In Six, where I ask comic folk six questions and get my answers in six minutes or less. Here at the 2012 New York Comic Con I’m asking creators about their experience with and opinions of Image Comics. Here’s my interview with writer/artist Mike Norton. Image clearly had a […]