Alan Davis ‘assists’ on Astonishing X-Men; and the effect of double-shipping on artists


By Steve Morris As spotted by Jarrod on the CBR forums (hi Jarrod!), a Mike Perkins fight sequence from next week’s Astonishing X-Men #55 clearly pays tribute to a previous fight sequence drawn years ago by Alan Davis for Uncanny X-Men. As you can see in the images below, Perkins has taken aspects of Davis’ […]

On the Scene: Independent Creators at Asbury Park Comic Con

Sign, Con

By Hannah Means-Shannon Asbury Park Comic Con wowed fans last May at it’s inaugural event with its atmospheric venue and bevy of guests who had one particular trait in common: a penchant for creator-owned projects. The founder of the con, comics creator Cliff Galbraith set out to interpret comic cons in a new light, away […]

New York Comic-Con sales up 190% over last year


How exited is the audience for this year’s New York Comic Con? Very excited. Ticket sales are already way ahead of last year’s pace, says show runner Lance Fensterman, global group v-p at ReedPOP, which produces pop culture festivals around the world. “Sales are pacing about 190% ahead of last year,” he told PW. “All […]

Nice Art: Skottie Young’s Tumblr


We always link to Skottie Young art whenever it hits our inbox, but you can tap right into the source right here.

31 Days of Halloween: Ikea Strala Haunted Forest


Okay two of our favoritest things in one post — Halloween and Ikea. No, it’s not the existential dread of assembling a Målm. It’s a hack of an old lamp painted black and turned into a ghostie forest! Brrrrrr.

SPX: The Videos

The SPX youtube channel is posting tons of “talk show” type interviews with everyone from Lamar Abrams to Jeff and Adam Zwirek, but most folks will be the most excited about the above chats with Daniel Clowes and Jaime Hernandez. We’ll update the page as more go up. Via TCJ

Harvey Pekar statue to be dedicated October 14th


Remember that Harvey Pekar Memorial Statue that was Kickstarted and planned to be installed in the Cleveland Public Library? Well, i’s going to be dedicated in just a few weeks, on October 14th. In the meantime, here’s a short film on the making of the statue, starring Pekar’s widow and collaborator Joyce Brabner.

MUST READ: Art or money?


In advice to an aspiring cartoonist, ABA finalist Gene Luen Yang lays out the dichotomy of career paths: You have to decide whether self-expression is more important to you or making money from your art is more important to you. Whaaa-at? Is there no middle ground? They’re not mutually exclusive in the long run, but […]

Lots of great books still coming up October & November 


…or at least in the UK. Forbidden Planet has a preview of October & November comics and it includes a pretty amazing line-up of books. A Posy Simmonds collection of her Guardian strips from the 70s and 80s. A new Hilda book by Luke Pearson Diana Thurg’s AUGUST MOON The Julio’s Day collection by Gilbert […]

MorrisonCon revelations: Wenlock and Mandeville are Archons


Apparently Jon Sung, aka Flickr’s Ferocious J, had uncovered that the London Olympics mascots were actually the villains from Grant Morrison’s Invisibles several years ago, but it took until MorrisonCon for the world to find out. On that basis alone, the show was a success. While our MorrisonCon correspondents are sleeping off their opium binges, […]

What Are Marvel’s Sales Expectations For Marvel NOW! ?

X-Men Variant

By Todd Allen Now naturally, Marvel’s real sales expectations for their Marvel NOW! relaunch are “as many copies as we can sell.”  That said, Marvel has issued some ordering guidelines in the form of minimums to be able to order various variant covers.  These minimums are set in relation to how many copies an individual […]

Comics News: Raven to lead Teen Titan spin-off and some comics fans are gross


What really goes on at a local comics show without company minders to make sure things run smoothly?

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 10/1/12: Waffle Days are Back!


§ Indie icon Adrian Tomine is interviewed at The Comics Reporter. His new art book NEW YORK DRAWINGS is shockingly good: TOMINE: I feel like I came along… the timing was just perfect for my age and my interests, for when I tried to thrust my work upon the world and everything, that I really […]

Looking at Cute Animals helps you do things!


An actual scientific study in Japan has shown that kawaii (“Cute”) is good for you brain! just looking at cute animals helps you focus, perhaps by activating some kind of protective behavior? In the first part of the experiment, 48 college students were asked to complete a game not unlike Milton Bradley’s “Operation.” Using tweezers, […]