50694a32f92ea1342300000f.jpegApparently Jon Sung, aka Flickr’s Ferocious J, had uncovered that the London Olympics mascots were actually the villains from Grant Morrison’s Invisibles several years ago, but it took until MorrisonCon for the world to find out. On that basis alone, the show was a success.

While our MorrisonCon correspondents are sleeping off their opium binges, here’s a bit more of what went down: speaking in barely intelligible and yet intensely quotable sound bites, Morrison revealed more about ‘Multiversity’, his long-brewing summation of DC continuity, two wrap-around stories and six one shots, including and Pax Americana which will be drawn by Frank Quitely.

Pax Americana references Watchmen’s famous nine-panel grid by adhering largely to an eight-panel grid, which Morrison explained was inspired by music, specifically octaves. He’d previously written stories about the multiverse vibrating on a musical frequency, and the eight-panel grid (or the multiples-of-eight grid, as the case may be), is a continuation of that theme.

“It’s like the Rutles version of Watchmen,” Morrison joked.

Multiversity’s ninth book will be what Morrison descried as a guidebook featuring a 20-page story and 20 pages of maps and concordances detailing the cosmic hierarchies and other details of the entire DC Comics multiverse.

pax americana grant morrison frank quitely
Elsewhere, Chris Burnham drew post-coital Thor for Ali Colluccio,

…and there was great rejoicing.

Seriously, sounds like it was an amazing weekend.


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