What is Marvel's Superior?

By Steve Morris I suppose the smart-arse answer to that question would be “Disney”, but this actually refers to a teaser released today via Diamond (of all places), and features another of those one-word slogan teasers Marvel are loving right now. This time round the word is “Superior”, the creative team are not mentioned, and […]

Once in a lifetime SPX rolls out this weekend

This weekend The Small Press Expo takes place in North Bethesda, MD, offering what seems to be a once in a lifetime lineup of guests: Dan Clowes. Chris Ware. Both Hernandez Brothers. No one ever seems to remember seeing them all in one place before. They won’t all be on the same panel, but there is one featuring Clowes, Los Bros and Adrian Tomine. Get there early.

Variants — threat or menace?

Retailer Brian Hibbs takes on variant covers in his latest column, and given that he uses the word “heinous” in the title, as you might surmise, he is not a fan. Hibbs traces the origin of the variant back to 1989’s “Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight” #1, where four different covers sold like gangbusters and publishers could no longer resist the lure of boosting sales with the method. The practice has grown to where, by Hibbs’ count 40% of the comics from premier publishers in October have variant covers.

40%. A lot.

Palmiotti, Gray and Ordway launch DC's Human Bomb

By Steve Morris Suspiciously, DC have today announced on CBR that writers Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and artist Jerry Ordway will be the creative team for a four-issue ‘Human Bomb’ miniseries. Why suspiciously? Because this follows two previous miniseries by the writers, which also starred members of DC’s Freedom Fighters team. SUSPICIOUS WORK IS AFOOT!

OSU launches The Dylan Williams Collection

Well, this is really cool.

It’s a little more than a year ago that comics lost one of its greatest friends, mentors and publishers in Dylan Williams. Although his spirit lives on with the company he founded, Sparkplug, a new way to remember him has just been announced by The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, the repository of Ohio State University’s comics-related archives: The Dylan Williams Collection.