By Steve Morris

Suspiciously, DC have today announced on CBR that writers Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and artist Jerry Ordway will be the creative team for a four-issue ‘Human Bomb’ miniseries. Why suspiciously? Because this follows two previous miniseries by the writers, which also starred members of DC’s Freedom Fighters team. SUSPICIOUS WORK IS AFOOT!

First came a miniseries starring The Ray, followed by a second mini featuring Phantom Lady. Now comes The Human Bomb, which relaunches the premise with a new character in the lead role. The new Human Bomb will be ex-Marine Michael Taylor, a war veteran struggling to come to terms with his role in society once he comes home.

Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and heralded as a war hero back home, Taylor’s journey in the mini will be about finding a new life for himself. Gray says:

It happened to him personally and we’re not entirely sure what it was or how deeply he’s been impacted by it, so that’s part of discovering his character and what kind of man he is in dealing with having been in service, and having certain issues popping up in his life and certain baggage that he’s trying to deal with in his day to day life. And presenting him with the idea that he’s a military hero, but he’s very reluctant to be a military hero. He sort of feels like he did his service but he can’t do enough for America, so he tries to find ways, we see in the first issue, to make his life mean something beyond his own service.

Regarding this whole suspicious Freedom Fighters thing, Palmiotti and Gray have admitted to having a long-term plan in place here, with a long story playing over the top of these miniseries. However, they stress that each mini will remain a standalone piece, telling a complete story which relaunches a Fighter back into the DC Universe, one at a time.

Iconic Superman/Captain Marvel artist Jerry Ordway will be handling art for the four-issue mini, which starts in December.


  1. I’ve never really read any freedom fighters stuff except for a bit of the Uncle Sam stuff but that cover looks really good.

  2. One quibble–Jerry’s name should be right up there in the headline with Palmiotti and Gray.

    Remember, you don’t have a comic book unless someone is drawing it.

  3. I don’t understand why DC keeps putting out FF-related titles. Going by the sales charts, no one is buying them, and going by anything anywhere, no one is asking for them either.

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