Column: Building The Con–A Different Take

If you’ve been reading Mike Scigliano’s Comic-Conversations columns you get some really good insights on what’s involved in producing a major comic con. Thanks to an invite from Heidi, I get to share the experience of a different kind of con.

When it comes to making the decision to produce a con, this is not something for the weak at heart more like it’s a challenge for the mildly insane…and worth every ounce of effort.

This weekend, have your CAKE and go to it, too!

Chicago’s inaugural CAKE Expo kicks off with a bunch of events tonight, and we expec this to be an awesome show, based on the amazing guest list alone. Jessica has already informed you of the debut of Gabby Schulz’s WEATHER, but there’s a ton more going on. Here’s the event list below, more info at the site. And please — we are looking for reports so hit us up.

Weekend Sales Charts: Amazon

Speaking of sales charts, Dave Carter has been putting together an Amazon Top 50 snapshot every Friday, Here’s a top 20 taster — but he has the whole list. Of note: the addition of Kindle for DC graphic novels gave them a huge boost this week. (This list includes eBooks, but they are listed separately.)

Check this out at CAKE: WEATHER by Gabby Schulz

Debuting this weekend at CAKE, Gabby Schulz’s new comic documents the return of character Gordon Smalls, as he muses over American consumerism 40,000 feet in the air.

Non-Shock: Jeffrey Brown's Star Wars cartoon books is a Father's Day best seller

As we previously noted, and as this sales chart shows, and The B&N chart from last night confirmed, Jeffrey Brown’s DARTH VADER AND SON is doing very well, especially in advance of Father’s Day this Sunday. The Tribune interviews Brown with a classic cartoonist profile description:

Kibbles 'n' Bits, June 11-15: The Satisfying Chunk

We cram a week’s worth of skimming into one very late post.

If you want to exhibit at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival today is the last day to apply

Pretty much what it says.

The show is curated so just applying doesn’t mean you get in, but it should be pretty lively and awesome.

Studio Coffee Run 6/15/12: Amazing Spider-man, Walking Dead, The Suicide Forest, etc.

A ton of Amazing Spider-man clips, some great new pics from Season Three of The Walking Dead, along with a smattering of interesting development news in your weekly roundup of comics and nerdy film happenings.