Calgary Expo turns into Calgary Stampede with too many fans

What was that we were just saying about the term “Comic-Con” meaning entertainment?

Some 50,000 people showed up to the Calgary Expo this weekend to hear the complete Star Trek: The Next Generation cast reunite to share a cup of Earl Grey tea, and also perhaps spot Kate Beaton or Peter David. Although it wasn’t really a riot, there were wayyyyy too many people Saturday, and the Fire Marshal shut things down, leading to many people not getting in and the show offering ticket refunds for those who were shut out. People who showed up to buy tickets on site were turned away, say reports.

Retailers differ on banning cell phones and Before Watchmen

Alex Zalben has a fine write-up on MoCCA’s ‘To Run A Comic Shop’ panel, which included Tucker Stone of Bergen Street Comics, Gabe Fowler of Desert Island, Robert Conte of Manhattan Comics and Brooklyn Comics, Thor Parker of Midtown Comics and moderator (and former retailer) Alex Cox, currently of the CBLDF. As usual that’s a very smart, modern lineup of merchants, and sure enough there was some interesting talk. For instance, some stores actually frown on cell phones when they are used to order comics online—using the brick and mortar store as a showroom of sorts:

Area man surprised to find SPIDER-MAN cartoon aimed at children

When do you let go of that childhood dream? Jim Mroczkowski at iFanboy looks at the fannish habit of holding on to something you hate in hopes of something improving vis a vis the new Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon on Disney XD, of which he writes:

Kirby-inspired fashions hit the runway in Australia

For Australian Fashion Week, Romance Was Born designers Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales went all Jack Kirby with an “exuberant” mix of stripes and patterns.

RIP: Cory Marder

Over the weekend, Cory Marder passed away after a long illness. The wife of Beanworld creator Larry Marder, Cory was best known to a small group in the industry, but loved by everyone she touched. Charles Brownstein has a beautiful tribute here that says everything. My heart goes out to Larry on this irreplaceable loss.

MoCCAFest 2012 wraps up in pictures

Well, we had a swell (and swollen) time at this year’s MoCCA Fest as usual. We’ll be along with some observations and books we got presently, but for the full flava here’s aphotoset assembled by Jeff Newelt covering the show as well as two events for Harvey Pekar’s CLEVELAND Harvey Pekar’s CLEVELAND. MoCCA photos are by Shahriar Shadab, Strand photos are by Winslow Porter.

2012 Stumptown Award Winners: Jonathan Case takes home two

Saturday night saw the Stumptown Awards handed out by host Bobby “Fatboy” Roberts as part of the annual festival. And here they are!

Take back Nerd Prom!

Washington has stolen our buzzwords! And we won’t take it lying down!

MoCCA Fest 2012: Saturday: What I Saw

Having recovered from Chicago, I wander the aisles of MoCCA Fest, discovering four-color (or one-color) wonderments!

MoCCA Fest 2012: Weather

The armory where the MoCCA Fest is held is one big open space.  It usually is not heated or air conditioned. 

The weather forecast for this
weekend ranges from 37° to 63°F (3° to 17°C) with a chance of rain Saturday night.

C2E2 2012: The Virgin Experience: Climax!

The Hero’s journey concludes, in unexpected ways. Will he return a changed man, for better, or for worse? Read on, for the thrilling conclusion!

And on that note….

We’re outta here.

MoCCA debuts and notable books

Better late than never! Please at least scroll through this (very incomplete) listing of new books out at MoCCA and just look at the pictures if nothing els.e There are some pretty amazing books coming out that haven’t gotten that much press, so I think it’s wroth your while.

ComiCON-versation #2: So when is your show?

by Mile Scigliano — There’s been so much made of locations and dates for shows in the last few years. For 2012 it’s been so crazy the fine folks at CCI had to move WonderCon to Anaheim from San Francisco400 PLUS miles away. Let’s look at what it takes to lock in a date for your show.

MoCCA Publishers: Who's Where

Just a brief guide to some publishers and creators and stuff to look out for!

Stumptown Party Poop

As we’ve been putting together the listings for this bi-coastal duel indie comics weekend extravaganza, it occurs to us that we are just not very plugged in to the Portland scene…well not the way we are NYC that’s for sure. So we’re doing our best to cover this, but maybe what we need is a PDX correspondent?

Anyhoo, Stumptown actually has a great events page with all the weekend goings on. So we’ll put post the pictures and links here. Send us reports!