Over the weekend, Cory Marder passed away after a long illness. The wife of Beanworld creator Larry Marder, Cory was best known to a small group in the industry, but loved by everyone she touched. Charles Brownstein has a beautiful tribute here that says everything. My heart goes out to Larry on this irreplaceable loss.

I adore this picture.  Look at her, out in Africa, in the presence of the elephants she so dearly loved, the breeze tousling her hair and unbridled happiness flowing from her smile.   This lady personified optimism, and had the disposition of the sun — bright, cheerful, warm, kind, funny, nourishing and filled with delight.  If you didn’t smile around Cory then it was a clear indication that you were in need of the sort of psychological care that only a specialist can provide.  If you didn’t love Cory, then your capacity to love was broken.

I guess this is the part where you say “We’re losing too many good ones,” the awkward thing people say when faced with the reality of the circle of life. As a man once told me, “Youth is a series of hellos, age is a series of goodbyes.” Cory would be the first person to say to take the chance to live the life you want while you have the chance. Have that conversation, go to that city, take that day off. These are the things you will remember as you make your own goodbyes.


  1. May Larry Marder remember always the love he had with Cory and treasure the time they had together. May all her friends keep her in their memories.

  2. I am as many that new Cory are sadden to hear of her passing. Cory was a beautiful person and most of all a wonderful friend. When she visited our office at American Express no matter how she was feeling she greeted all of us with a big smile and hug. Never did she dwell on her health but celebrated every minute in a positive up lifting joy, just like Cory always was. Many of us new Cory on a personal level when traveling on ANK. I was one of those when we went to Africa. Heaven gained an angel and I will always treasure her friendship. My sympathies to Larry and the family.

  3. Some things are hard to believe into our minds…….. I am just in deep village of Bwindi (Place of Silver barks) and have just reallised our dear one passed away…… may be its just a nightmare.
    Cory have been amother to may of us here in Uganda (Africa)
    May her SOUL rest in peace… may her love continueeeeeeeeee… flourishing and shining.
    what can I say?
    May God strengthen all of us who she loved and who loved her, May God strengthen her Faamily and especially Mr. Lary…….