Hunger Games: Katniss succeeds where the other girls failed—but will anyone listen?

In case you were sleeping under a tree, it’s official: HUNGER GAMES was the third biggest opening ever, with $152.5 million, the best non-sequel opening ever, only behind HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 2 and THE DARK KNIGHT.

Heady company for a girl who hunts squirrels.

The success of the movie also puts the lie to Hollywood’s beloved trope that an actioner starring a women can’t be successful. And as such, it’s going to have a lot of repercussions. Because Hollywood is full of copycats and they’re going to try to repeat the formula. But what formula will they see in HUNGER GAMES?

John Macaluso named CEO of Wizard World

After months of searching for the right person, Wizard World, the convention/website company, has hired John Macaluso as CEO. Macaluso, whose background is in the apparel business, was already on the board. We had a brief chat with Macaluso about the news last week, and he’s excited about the role. “We’re going to be running a better company and fans are going to see a difference in our shows.”

"Reuben" Award nominees announced–with first ever webcomics category

Yes, we know that there is only one Reuben Award, the big one, but for the sake of a headline, here are the NCS divisional nominees.

This is the first time the NCS Awards have recognized webcomics, a welcome and inevitable move towards modernization. The choices — The Oatmeal, Penny Arcade and Scenes from a Multiverse (above)—aren’t too groundbreaking but they are all good strips.

The winners will be announced Memorial Day weekend at the annual NCS meeting, to be held this year in Las Vegas.