The poor archery of Hawkeye

The awesome new process blog Comic Tools has weekly posts on process that make it worth a look for anyone, but this post on Hawkeye’s bad archery is also a blast. The original post at Wired has Jeremy Renner’s form as a complete fail, and even a dummy can see that Merida’s (from Pixar’s upcoming BRAVE) form is way better than Hawkeye’s.

Must read: Gaiman/McFarlane/Miracleman: The Saga

This is what we call a “hot drink” post in the biz*, as in, you must get a hot drink and a comfy chair before you dive in to the next link. Pádraig Ó Méalóid has done an amazing job of putting together a Gaiman/McFarlane/Marvelman timeline, which, although it only skims the details of the Marvelman deals of the ’80s, does cover the 10-year legal battle between Gaiman and McFarlane as it pertains to Marvelman. It’s a tale of (Tony) twists and turns. Of course the pre-history is also stunning:

Niles, Gurewitz and Pizzolo form Black Mask Studios, new comics business model

This long PR piece based on a Wired article gives you lots of details but here’s the logline: hyphenates Steve Niles,, Brett Gurewitz and Matt Pizzolo are starting a new venture called Black Mask Studios that will distribute comics via a hybrid print/digital model. Niles (creator) will be the creative director, filmmaker Pizzolo will be President, and Bad Religion guitarist Gurewitz will use his Epitaph Records as the engine for the venture.

"Make Mine Me": Haspiel on the freelancer's life

Once again, Dean Haspiel blogs about the difficulties faced by freelancers in the current event/editorially-driven superhero world in a piece plaintively called Make Mine Me: