You gotta hand it to Archie Comics. They are completely staying on top of current trends and even controversies. If it isn’t gay marriage and interracial dating, it’s now income inequality and the Occupy Movement, as shown by this awesome Jill Thompson variant cover. Not that this comic will necessarily deliver a sharp critique of Keynesian models vs the Austrian School…by now “Occupy anything” is just another buzz word. But it is definitely today’s buzzword.

Digital-only comics sex guide snags top 20 spot at comiXology

Have you heard? Sex sells. Specifically a book called Stuff About Sex… For Guys Who Are Not Like, Total Idiots, a digital-only books of sex tips by cartoonist David Mellon that in only a few days has become one of comiXology’s top 20 graphic novels. Published by Top Shelf, here’s a sneak peek at the first two pages—it’s basically a bro-to-bro sex guide for the uninitiated. The author is a self-confessed hippie and it shows….but you know, maybe we need more hippies!

$1,254,120 For Order of the Stick

OK, last post about Order of the Stick for awhile. The Kickstarter drive closed at $1,254,120. When Double Fine Adventure (currently at $2M+) closes, Order of the Stick will officially be the #3 drive of all time. Until then it’s holding the place at #2. Rich Burlew lists some of his accomplishments with this:

Future Comics: Ouija: A Panelplay

Artist Tommie Kelly sent us a link to his webcomic Ouija: A Panelplay, which uses what he calls “PanelPlay” which is basically clicking for the next panel, along with some subtle, appropriate animation effects. The story is nothing great, but it is a nice demo. I know panel-click advance comics have been around for a while, so in the comments, throw up some links to other recent Future Comics of note.

Comic Book Men: Week Two

Actually, we were out Sunday night and forget to set the DVR. Oops. Here’s a mostly positive recap from TV Geek Army. It seems the boys went for a spin in the Batmobile and Jason Mewes showed up and stole someone’s credit card. Just another day on the job. By all accounts, this was a better episode than the first.