Artist Tommie Kelly sent us a link to his webcomic Ouija: A Panelplay, which uses what he calls “PanelPlay” which is basically clicking for the next panel, along with some subtle, appropriate animation effects. The story is nothing great, but it is a nice demo. I know panel-click advance comics have been around for a while, so in the comments, throw up some links to other recent Future Comics of note.


  1. I read through all of it — it’s a great exploration of the medium, and I do think it’s an entirely different medium from regular comics.

    It’s visual and all, and there are dialogue bubbles, but I think it might be most similar to an interactive, user-guided TV episode. Comics are designed so that you can look backwards and forwards as much as you like — the only option we had for this panelplay was to go forwards, because a click ANYWHERE on the panel would take it forwards.

  2. So some took light box and embedded it into their blog. flash games in the 90s have been doing this with their how to play sections.
    enough already I want to see real Application of programming in comics and not a cheap tech demo.

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