How Do You Buy Your Comics? — A Survey

How do you buy your comics?  I’m not really concerned about magazine format vs. book format.

Do you you pre-order them?  Do you buy off the rack?  Do you buy by mail order?  Do you buy digitally?

Here’s a survey.  Pick whichever option is the primary way you buy your comics:

DC logo use demonstrated

And here’s the official word and examples of treatment. Looks like the Vertigo and MAD logos have been adjusted to include the Gotham-lettered branding for now.

Now that we can see the actual treatment, it’s clearer how “the Peel” works as a symbol as opposed to a readable name—so even with the peel, the lettered DC Comics part is included. On that basis alone the peel works a lot better.

Ashes to Ashes: Alex de Campi responds to Jimmy Broxton's tale

The Beat has now received Alex de Campi’s rebuttal to James Hodgkin’s statement on being fired from ASHES, the graphic novel project they got funded on Kickstarter for $32,000.

I said I would have my comments, and they are sad ones. I’m an admirer of both creators involved here — professionally and personally. But if there was ever a case of he said/she said this is it. “Creative differences” indeed. The whole thing reminds me (for the old timers out there) of D’arc Tangent, a long ago collaboration between Phil Foglio and Freff which dissolved into “creative differences,” never to be seen again.

Sean Murphy: You need a 5 Year Plan

Artist Sean G. Murphy (Joe the Barbarian) has posted a piece on his DA page called
5 Year Plan — it’s about planning for the future — something very few young cartoonists seems to have the courage to do. I recently told a talented young cartoonist “Keep doing what you love until someone pays you for it” — which is pretty basic “follow your bliss” advice. Murphy’s is a little more practical: