§ Scott Edelman spotted a kid reading a mysterious comic book in an old episode of The Mary Tyler Moore show and can’t make out the logo. Can you help him ID the book? (Chances are it was a prop, fake book, but maybe Kalo* drew some of it?) We’re more intrigued by the child’s violent blue jacket.

§ Dave Eggers interviews David Shrigley. A few of you just exploded with joy, and we send our condolences to your loved ones. Shrigley is an artist whose work involved words, pictures and humor — despite secretly being a cartoonist, he’s considered a museum-level fine artist. Sneaky!

DE: ‘Between the casualness of the work, and the fact that it’s funny – these are art-world no-nos.’

DS: ‘I know a lot of people still don’t see my work as serious, because it’s funny. But then again, I’ve come to realise that the opposite of seriousness is not humour. The opposite of seriousness is incompetence. It’s somebody who isn’t really engaged with what they’re doing. And the opposite of humour is maybe sadness.’

§ Paul Gravett and sevearl other judges are going to get to the bottom of how you judge a graphic novel as they do just that, discussing the finalists in the Myriad Editions’ First Graphic Novel Competition. Those finalists are:
A Rat’s Tale by Adam Blackman & Dylan Shipley
The Black Project by Gareth Brookes
Dryland by Con Chrisoulis
Naming Monsters by Hannah Eaton
Amber Sands by Tom Eglington
The Enlightenment of Iwan James by Thom Ferrier
The Facts of Life by Paula Knight

§ Gabrielle Bell has finished up her latest comic, INAPPROPRIATE, and it will reward a close reading.

§ Johanna Draper Carlson checks out some indie GNs people sent her.

§ This “Sh*t Comic Book Nerds Say” video was all the rage for a few hours there. We’ll confess to having said “Are you going to Comic-Con?” more than any person should in a single lifetime.

* Who is paying attention here?


  1. “Inappropriate” was great. “Seinfeld”/”Curb Your Enthusiasm” times 10 lol -and with a more philosophical bent as a bonus. Now have to read her other comic work. Really fantastic.