Philip Bond drew a bunch of real-life female astronauts:

Working for months at a time just penciling a comic book I started these portraits to get a bit of inking and colouring out of my system. I shouldn’t say ‘portraits’, I’m not going for much of a likeness. Usually I’ll glance at a couple of photographs and then go off and draw a vague impression. Margaret Seddon is blonde, Judith Resnik is a bit barmy looking, that sort of thing.

So many layers of the awesome:

#1: So many lady astronauts!

#2: Philip Bond art!

#3: Cute Philip Bond Real Life Lady Astronauts!

These should have been trading cards.

[via Jah Furry]


  1. Those are great!
    I certainly wouldn’t mind a Bond art book somewhere down the line. Something like the fine folks at Adhouse have been doing.