Kibbles 'n' Bits, 12/13/11: From Shaun Tan to wrestling

Interview call outs galore, plus the Bay Area scene. More.


Like the novels, the comics adaptation of WHEEL OF TIME rolls on and on. Here’s a first look at the cover to issue #23 by Andie Tong.

Marvel unveils Avengers vs X-Men #0 cover by Frank Cho

Deadly Women are at it in this well-designed cover by Frank Cho.

Photos: When cartoonists dressed like Don Draper

As part of a tribute to the late, great* Jerry Robinson, Mike Lynch has scanned in some of his old National Cartoonist Society programs — comic strips in the Madmen era!

BTW, he’s pretty hard to even recognize Robinson in these photos, but that’s him on the left with the glasses.

Are Graphic Novels Good Enough for the Classroom? Jeff Smith answers

He says they suck.
PSYCH — he did not. As part of a Canadian panel on getting kids reading, Smith joined educator Larry Swartz and author Mahtab Narsimhan to discuss comics and literacy.

Inside the November charts: Marvel's gymnastics, GN sales mystery

The November chart analysis is up around the net and it was an interesting month. John Jackson Miller has an overall analysis and the GN sales have him scratching his head — they surged in November but it’s not clear why:

What Happened To Shade and Other First Impressions From the November Sales Estimates

ICV2 has released it’s sales estimates for November (you know the drill, actually sales should be bumped somewhere by 10-20%, split the difference and call it 15%), and it’s shedding a little light on a few things.
What Happened To Shade

We have a little better idea why Shade might be on the verge of being in trouble.

Gift Guide: Secret Headquarters

The Secret Headquarters comics shop in LA has been posting some gift suggestions from staffers, and Malachi’s are excellent, but so are Part Two and Part 1. Some great ideas there. Go down to Secret Headquarters in you’re near or your favorite comics shop or indie bookstore if you’re not and support a small business! I did a lot of my holiday shopping as a craft show this weekend and not only got a) unique items you won’t see at old Navy at a similar price and b) supported artists and craftspeople. Your giftees will appreciate it!


Here’s a peek at the first collection of the comics adaptation of GAME OF THRONES, courtesy of Dynamite. The cover is by Tommy Patterson & Sail.

Heisman winner Griffin sends Superman Socks up up and away

Only a few innocent weeks ago, we were kidding around about these Superman socks with calf capes, suggesting they were a suitable gift for a male geek, even though they only come in girls sizes.

And then Robert Griffin III, this year’s Heisman Award winner, picked up his award while wearing these very socks. (The Heisman Triophy is presented each year to the #1 college football player and it is quite an honor.)

Maybe the self-professed comics nut Griffin is a Beat reader? At the very least he has shattered the nerd/jock divide to atoms:

20 Days of Christmas: Officer Downe by Joe Casey and Chris Burnham

An ultra violent blend of Paul Blart, the Village People, Robocop and Axe Cop (although it came first), Joe Casey and Chris Burnham’s Officer Downe wishes us happy holidays in preparation for this week’s debut of the Officer Downe: Bigger Better Bastard Edition. Artist Burnham has since gained fame as a Batman artist, so there’s that, too.