Only a few innocent weeks ago, we were kidding around about these Superman socks with calf capes, suggesting they were a suitable gift for a male geek, even though they only come in girls sizes.

And then Robert Griffin III, this year’s Heisman Award winner, picked up his award while wearing these very socks. (The Heisman Triophy is presented each year to the #1 college football player and it is quite an honor.)

Maybe the self-professed comics nut Griffin is a Beat reader? At the very least he has shattered the nerd/jock divide to atoms:

Yes. That happened. Robert Griffin III (aka “RG3″) stood there on the Heisman Trophy stage, while being broadcast around the world on ESPN, and talked about how he had a collection of over one-thousand comic book action figures, about how he loved the X-Men “like a lot of kids”, and then showed off the Superman socks. “That’s awesome,” was the first thing that went through my mind. I knew that comic book culture was spreading like wild fire; we live in a world where Big Bang Theory is one of the highest rated shows on television, superhero movies are dominating at the box office, and porn stars are lining up to star in the next comic book porn parody. And now, ha ha, the Heisman Trophy winner is talking about X-Men and wearing Superman socks.

And apparently the plug has sent sales of the hosiery skyrocketing — with pairs selling for as much as $300 on auction sites — but you can pre-order a pair at the Superman museum:

The Super Museum in Superman’s official hometown of Metropolis, IL had many pairs in stock prior to Griffin wearing them but, like everyone else, quickly sold out of their entire inventory as well.

In order to help meet the demands of everyone trying to find a pair, the museum is currently accepting pre-orders on the popular socks at the resonable price of $18.95 a pair.

Shipments of the Superman socks are expected to begin arriving at the Super Museum in January with orders being mailed out the same day. Click here to place your pre-order for a pair of the Superman socks before they sell-out again!

Perusing the museum’s merchandise, failing the socks, if you must get a Superman item for the quarterback in your life, may we suggest another fine product?


The Superman Snuggie Comfy Throw fleece cozy. Just reading about this item is like dousing yourself with hot milk. This is the perfect thing for the guy in your life who wants to look manly while scooching into a slanket to watch the Packers game. Trust us on that.

Now, is he really going to look manly? Nothing that involves a slanket can truly be said to be manly — unless the person in the slanket is Robert Griffin III.


  1. My 27-year-old nephew was seduced early with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics. Much later, he’s a Captain America fan. He can geek out on sports and comics with equal passion.

  2. Count me in as another comic/sports fan.

    Growing up in Kentucky I have the passed down passion for college basketball (specifically the Kentucky Wildcats) and have a “Cares Waaaaaay Too Much” passion for the Seattle Seahawks (I’d trade all 3 Kentucky National Championships I’ve seen for a Seahawks SuperBowl win for instance – which is grounds for excommunication in this state, I think).

    I also have the Superman Snuggie shown above and was very excited to see that SuperHeroStuff has a Green Lantern one available too. As you mentioned that the Superman Socks were in girls sizes, I didn’t look into them further as I’m a size 13 shoe and just assumed they didn’t have them in my size, but might take a look now . . .

  3. Being from Ohio, I *love* football! It’s practically religion out here. The Griffen Superman socks thing was badass! That dude’s amazing, too.