Catching Up With Iron Man and Thor, Post-Fear Itself

As you’ve doubtless heard by now, Marvel followed up the Fear Itself event mini-series with issues 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3.  Let’s be kind and say the reception to these issues was mixed, at best.  If you’re like me, those “point” issues put some titles on probation.  Let’s see what happened with the set up.  Spoilers […]

Holiday Explorations: What kind of otaku are the craziest? Answer

Via Crunchyroll, a translation of a 2chan chart which shows which kinds of otaku are the craziest and cause the most trouble.

In case you’re wondering about the “train” part that occupies the Michele Bachmann spot on the chart, it does not refer to various colloquial meanings of the word “train.” It means fans who like…trains.

You know, toot toots.

Just what is it that makes them so crazy? Known as tetsudo otaku, train fans have long been looked on with suspicion by the Ahakibara crowd — Irvine Welsh is universal, it seems — but a band of younger, more energetic trainspotters has revitalized the subculture:

Leela Corman and Tom Hart update

Lauren Weinstein has posted an update from Tom Hart and Leela Corman, who tragically lost their young daughter last week:

Tom and Leela asked me to thank everyone from the bottom of their hearts.

“We feel every word, every thought, every intention, and please tell them that their help has enabled us to pay for our families – who don’t have much money – to fly here rapidly to be with us. And that it has helped us with all of the costs of this horrible experience. We are beyond grateful and we owe you many lifetimes of kindness and service. We hope that you will never experience anything remotely close, but please know that whatever help you need, we are with you too.”

Although the whole situation is unbearably sad, we should all be thankful that our community has been able to help these two good people at this time.

The fund is still open for donations here.

Steve Rude "Jail Update"

According to anew mailer, artist Steve Rude has been instructed by his lawyer not to talk about his case. However “He does want me to pass along his deepest gratitude. He really loves reading any mail that comes his way and words of encouragement to be strong.”

You’ll recall that on the night of Halloween, Rude was arrested and charged with assault and violating a court order in a dispute with a neighbor.

In happier news, the full color Rude 2012 Sketchbook is now available for presale. This weekend it’s on sale for $20. Regular price of $25 goes into effect on Monday. All purchases get am exclusive presale print.

Black Friday is everywhere: Comics edition

Like other retailers, a lot of comics shops are having big Black Friday deals today. Check out the comments at this thread for some listings. After you’ve pulled an all-nighter at Wal-Mart, why not stop by your local comics shop to pick up some handsome giftees, always following the essential holiday shopping principle: two for you, one for me.

Our inbox has a few more deals and announcements.