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According to anew mailer, artist Steve Rude has been instructed by his lawyer not to talk about his case. However “He does want me to pass along his deepest gratitude. He really loves reading any mail that comes his way and words of encouragement to be strong.”

You’ll recall that on the night of Halloween, Rude was arrested and charged with assault and violating a court order in a dispute with a neighbor.

In happier news, the full color Rude 2012 Sketchbook is now available for presale. This weekend it’s on sale for $20. Regular price of $25 goes into effect on Monday. All purchases get am exclusive presale print.


  1. Yes, I feel it is a bit of a stretch to expect your fanbasis to support your bail out without them knowing what actually happened and much less if he is on the right or wrong.
    As much as I love Steve Rude’s work as a personal philosophy I don’t take sides without listening both sides and even that is already more of my time I would be willing, or able, to give the subject.

    Best of luck and good wishes to him, hope things turn for the best but buying his comics doesn’t make me want to be that involved with his personal life.

  2. Great google-moogly, what a bunch of moralizing tut-tutters! Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, and all that. People make mistakes, and it’s perfectly OK to wish Steve Rude well without being 100 percent behind whatever it is he did. From what we know so far (and we don’t know much), at worst and let his temper get the better if him and got in a tussle. Hardly a capital crime, and certainly not worthy of all the moral posturing we see in every one of these posts.