Looking at Venom by Rick Remender Vol. 1

“Venom by Rick Remender Vol. 1” is not the flashiest title ever conceived for a book (pun intended). There’s a trend of breaking up titles runs by creator. Over at Marvel, you’ve got “Ultimate Comics Spider-Man by Brian Michael Bendis,” “Moon Knight by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev,” and so forth. Over at DC, You’ve got “Tales of the Batman” volumes for Gene Colan and Don Newton. I suppose it’s good for branding the work of a particular creator on a series, though it’s the rare title like Moon Knight that’s spreading the love between both writers and artists. We’ll see how long this naming trend sticks around and whether more heavily promoted storylines are collected under the creators’ names (as of this writing, it’s Spider-Man: Spider Island, not Dan Slott’s Spider-Man Vol. *.*”)

Venom by Rick Remender has Remender on writing chores, with the art split between Tony Moore and Tom Fowler, and a variety of inkers on Moore. I pulled this volume out of the library on a lark and it turned out to be a much deeper read than I was expecting.

A very Jim Shooter Thanksgiving

Former Marvel e-i-c Jim Shooter’s blog has become the repository of some amazing stories — some of them even true — but here’s one that could well become a holiday tradition: Thanksgiving in Newark. It’s got everything a TV movie could need: a freelancer in need — IRON MAN scripter David Michelinie — an editor with a mission, two holiday orphans, and a quest to bring it all together: