I’m celebrating Thanksgiving in Omaha, and tomorrow, my 27-year-old nephew and myself will be visiting as many comics shops in the Greater Omaha area.  (I have dubbed this “Le Tour de Bande Dessinée” and encourage others to do the same. I did my first Tour on the second Free Comic Book Day, when I visited every comics shop in Manhattan.)

So, I printed out my Google Maps, and noted a few stores which had closed in the past few years.  (Capes Lounge, you are missed.)  Texting my nephew, he asked me if Krypton Comics was offering a Black Friday sale.  Not surprisingly, Dean Phillips and company will open early at 8 AM and offer 40% off everything in the store, as well as specific items heavily discounted.

So, this got me wondering… what other comics shops out there are offering specials tomorrow on Black Friday?  If you’re a retailer, comment below!  If you’re a customer, give a shout-out to your favorite store!


  1. COMIC BOOK JONES will be having an amazing sale tomorrow! voted #1 comic shop in NYC by darkhorse comics fans!

    7AM – 9AM = 40% off EVERYTHING in the store!
    9AM – 11AM = 30% off EVERYTHING in the store!
    11AM – 12PM = 25% off EVERYTHING in the store!
    12PM – 9PM = 20% off EVERYTHING in the store!


  2. Carol & John’s Comic Book Shop in Cleveland, Ohio will be having a Black Friday (night) sale, November 25th, 7PM-midnight. Deals include 50% off all back issues, 25% off the new comic wall, 50% off all t-shirts, statues and action figures, 20% off all graphic novels and hardcovers, and 10% off everything else in the store. (Plus some other sweet sales.)

    Sounds like there’ll be food & entertainment, too. And raffles. :)

    For more: http://www.cnjcomics.com/site/?p=61

  3. Oh, and a footnote…
    Saturday is Small Business Saturday, so please do as much shopping at small shops that day (and every other day), as most are eager to sell you lots of great stuff with great customer service!

  4. Austin Books & Comics is having a Black Friday Sale.
    50% OFF Back Issues from 8am to 10am
    40% OFF Back Issues from 10am to 11am
    25% OFF Back Issues the rest of the day!
    52% OFF New DC 52 titles ALL DAY

    and at their Sidekick store, it seems they are selling comics for $5 per POUND (yes, that is actually what they are doing).

  5. Torsten,

    Check out Krypton Comics (124th & Center) in Omaha for 40% off everything in the store on Friday!

    Also, Legends (50 & Levenworth) has some really good deals, too.

  6. The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, CA (near Los Angeles) is putting all their Showcase/Essentials books and a lot of their hardcovers on a massive 75% discount this weekend. I picked up a couple of things that I’d been looking at for a while.

  7. The Charging Star Comic shop at Johnson City, NY was offering the sweetest of deals. 20 back issues for $5! I’ve got me a hundred great comics for 25 bucks, including the whole run of lex luthor adventure comics, full set of emperor vulcan miniseries, green lantern 52 to 55, full set of x-men unlimited from late 90s, several brightest day issues, etc. The place has mad selection and thousands of back issues :-)

  8. I will post a more comprehensive record of my Grand Tour, as well as other comics stuff I experienced on my nine days in Omaha.

    Legends… they gobsmacked me. They are now officially the best designed comics shop I have seen, and it’s still under renovation! I did purchase the Simonson Thor edition from IDW (40% off = B&N discount) among some other stuff. (Every year, I buy myself a Christmas present, usually something deluxe and costing three digits. That book is this year’s choice, joining the Complete Calvin & Hobbes, Far Side, and Don Martin slipcases.)

    Krypton was busy when I stopped by at Three, and there were hundreds of people waiting for the store to open that morning.