Former Marvel e-i-c Jim Shooter’s blog has become the repository of some amazing stories — some of them even true — but here’s one that could well become a holiday tradition: Thanksgiving in Newark. It’s got everything a TV movie could need: a freelancer in need — IRON MAN scripter David Michelinie — an editor with a mission, two holiday orphans, and a quest to bring it all together:

David Michelinie’s check didn’t come. It was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, 1978, I think.

Dave lived in Newark, Delaware. He called me at the office that Wednesday to…umm…gently express his…umm…disappointment? What’s the politest way to say murderous rage?

Most of us lived hand to mouth in those days. The business was struggling. Most of us were struggling. Dave was more responsible than most. A solid citizen. He owned a home. He managed pretty well, compared to some of us.

But he needed that check. It was the day before Thanksgiving. He had no cash and hadn’t been to the grocery store lately. What was he supposed to do, eat cat food for Turkey Day?

Read the rest of the story in the link! Note that if Newark referred to Newark NJ, the story could also involve a perilous journey across hostile terrain, but it takes place in the more bucolic climes of Newark, DE. For the TV movie, we suggest rewriting it to take place in Jersey.


  1. The story mentioned here, about Michelinie, seems to have been removed, and replaced by a story about Don Perlin.

  2. The Michelinie story is still up at the stated link — but now a NEW Don Perlin Turkey Day storey has been posted. Truly, Jim Shooter is the Thanksgiving King and this needs to become a holiday tradition.