31 Days of Halloween: "The Birds of Anger"

This Angry Birds/The Birds short film by Gregg Bishop — presented as part of G4’s Epictober filmfest — is not as funny as you might think given the premise; instead it’s an Alfred Hitchcock fanfic kinda thing—and violent! But you will probably enjoy Jamie Alexander (Sif) and Amanda Baker looking very fetching.

31 Days of Halloween: Dracula the Unconquered

BY JEN VAUGHN – Comic writer, podcast host and serial blogger at his own website, The Invincible Super Blog, and Comics Alliance, Chris Sims sat down to have a chat with me about his upcoming Dracula comic to be fully released on Monday, October 31st, also known as Halloween. Six delicious pages are up as a preview now.

30 Days of Halloween: The Dear Creature trailer

Although it would be equally suitable for a 28 days of Valentine feature, we’ll file Jonathan Case’s new GN DEAR CREATURE under Halloween just because it stars Grue, a deep sea monster. Encountering volumes of Shakespeare beneath the waves, he decides to come to shore to look for romance, and finds it with a woman named Giulietta…but nothing is as it sounds like it will be. This was one of the most unexpected GNs we encountered all year, especially coming from Tor Books. It’s kind of loopy but very sweet and the art, in pristine black and white, is hugely expressive.