We don’t know exactly what is going on in these set photos from the Vancouver shoot of the new Superman movie, but we approve.

We know from some previous spy photos that Superman/Clark Kent — as played by Henry Cavill — appears to grow a beard and become a homeless guy, leading us to suspect some kind of take on the “hero gets amnesia and wanders around” storyline. Also, “Superman gets beat up by bullies in a diner.” The appearance of tattered trousers gives a Hulkish vibe, but maybe he was just a castaway on a deserted island or something. He still knows how to fight!

Although homeless, Clark has definitely had time to work out, and that’s awesome.

[Via Andrew Wheeler]


  1. Looking at the shots in context, it looks like he’s working on an oil rig or somewhere else dangerous and his clothes get shredded when he saves the workers.

  2. Perhaps it will be like those scenes in Tom DeHaven’s, “It’s Superman!” where Clark wanders across depression era America, learning the lay of the land and helping others out along the way.

  3. Could he have been tossed into the Phantom Zone for some portion of the movie? General Zod does appear, after all.

  4. I’m guessing he’s either trapped on a planet with a red sun or in the phantom zone. That would explain the ripped clothing and the beard.

  5. Dunno where this version slots into the various other editions, but the Crisis Age Superman did have hair that grew, and which could be cut. (Part of the de-powering of Superman by Byrne and Wolfman.) Readers will recall the long hair sported by Superman between his resurrection and wedding.

    The general public doesn’t know about the Golden Age Superman and his non-growing hair or fingernails, so they won’t wonder why he has a beard.