If you’ve longed to attend one of those life-defining cartooning schools like CCS, SCAD or SVA but can’t travel, why not take Frank Santoro’s 8-week Correspondence Course.

There are a lot of cartooning courses and classes available right now. CCS, SVA, and SCAD – but I want to do it differently: a one-on-one 8-week correspondence course over phone, e-mail and snail mail.  I’d like to use the work and development for a book about making comics.  I’m going to focus specifically on advancing your understanding of layouts, color, contour line drawing, and printmaking for producing comic books.  The 8-week class is $500. This class is limited: only ten students will be accepted.

The deadline for applying is THIS FRIDAY. So we recommend you get off your butt and DRAW TIPPY.