NYCC Announcements: Vertigo Goes Simultaneous Print/Digital Release – Or – Get Used To It

Over on the Vertigo blog, we find an announcement that Vertigo’s titles are starting to be released simultaneously in both print and digital (“day and date” is an insipid phrase; let’s all stop using it).

NYCC Announcements: The Lost Alan Moore Scripts Resurface

In the late ’90s, Alan Moore had a bit of a lull in his career.  It was after his exit from DC and before he started up LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN and AMERICA’S BEST COMICS with WildStorm (almost exactly when DC bought WildStorm).  The person who gave Alan Moore a job was Rob Liefeld, over […]

Indie Month-to-Month Comics Sales: August 2011

By Paul Mellerick The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles book supplants Walking Dead this month, while Kirkman also takes number three spot with his & Rob Liefeld’s Infinite. Further down the charts Kevin Smith’s Bionic Man gets off to a decent start and Terry Moore’s new series, Rachel Rising kicks off, while amongst the usual […]

NYCC Announcements: Yen Press Adapts NYT YA Bestsellers

Yen Press has announced two manga style adaptations of bestselling YA novels: Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Chronicles of Nick and Cassandra Clare’s The Infernal Devices trilogy.  HyeKyung Baek is attached to The Infernal Devices as artist.  Both series will initially be serialized online at Yen Plus before graduating to a print edition.  Does “online serial followed by print edition” sound […]

NYCC 2011: Day Two Photos

Various photos taken on the show floor. Click the thumbnails to enlarge.

NYCC Announcements: Sesame Street Comics?

This is a little premature, but we might be looking at Sesame Street comics in the not-too-distant future.  APE Entertainment, which does have some history with younger reader titles like Strawberry Shortcake has announced they’re in negotiations with the Sesame Workshop. Least you think this is a strange notion, comics fans of *ahem* a certain […]

NYCC Announcements: Viz Takes Shonen Jump Digital, Syncs Closer to Japanese Original

This is interesting.  Viz is migrating Shonen Jump to a digital edition that’s only 2 weeks removed from the Japanese original.  (And you can probably chalk that up to translation time.)  They’re on the library model for this.  Full access annual subscription or $0.99 4-week rental.   The annual access subscription comes out to roughly $0.54/issue. […]

NYCC 11: Here there be con

So yeah, another New York Comic Con is unfolding around us in all its tumult. We’ve been caught up in running a panel, and now chilling with our pals at the Joe Palooka booth. Which is right next to Virgil. Some things are eternal. Like Virgil. It’s that kind of show.

Ann Nocenti on Green Arrow – OR – Did a Publisher Just Listen to Its Fans?

DC announced yesterday that Ann Nocenti will be taking over the writing chores on Green Arrow, as of issue #7.  JT Krul was previously (currently, if you’re at the shop) writing Green Arrow. Nocenti, while having done a small amount of work for DC (a Kid Eternity series for Vertigo and a handful of Batman-related […]

NYCC 11: Come see The Beat at the "Comics History of the World Panel"

Hype alert! I’ll be making my only scheduled public appearance at NYCC at 1:30 today.

NYCC 11: Retailer breakfast highlights

New York Comic Con kicked off with a retailer breakfast sponsored by Diamond. Held in the Galleria room, it looked great — and the bacon was surprisingly crisp — but with an all-glass ceiling and walls it was hard to see or hear the speakers and their slides.

DC sells 5 million comics, decides to lay them end to end

DC sold a lot of comics — so many that they actually sent out a press release about it; even Diane Nelson, previously silent on the relaunch, now thinks it was a great idea. Selling five million comics in 6 weeks is indeed a sizable number; however what augurs the best for the comics industry is that sales across the board were up. Marvel had its best September in a while, as did Image. We’re not talking a return to 1993 — as some retailers thinks — but more like a return to 2003. Which is still great.

It’s fairly obvious that customers were waiting for something exciting to happen in order to go back into stores; these disenchanted readers — Dan DiDio’s much loved “lapsed readers” — have now discovered that comics are still fun. But will they stay that way?

NYCC 11: 3-day and 4-day passes sold out; line up outside

It’s official: Three- and four-day passes for New York Comic Con are sold out. And fans are being urged NOT to line up to get in today due to having to line- up outside in a rain-slicked city:

NYCC 2011: NYCC…I?

Aside from Friday tickets, New York Comic Con has SOLD OUT!

Comics are art

The new issue of ARTnews has a nice survey of the fine art/Comics crossover: