Various photos taken on the show floor, via cellphone.  Click the thumbnails to enlarge.

While at the American Libraries Booth over in aisle 2700, I spotted this above, a few aisles furthers north.  I suspect it is a Wi-Fi node of some sort, but it could be something more nefarious.  Any ideas?  Conjecture in the comments!

Godzilla attacks New York and San Diego!

At the DC Comics booth, vinyl Spy vs. Spy figures were painted and sculpted by various celebrities and artists.  Mike Allred can be see on the left, and Peter Kuper, the current artist, has a nice yellow figure with a Spy on each side.

King Features promoting their new clothing line at Bloomingdales.  (Has King Features ever done a cross-over with their stable of characters?  Popeye and Prince Valiant?)

A Legion of Super-Heroes multi-pack.  It folds into a polygonal prism.  Sharp eyes will notice Proty and the Legion flight ring.

Do not adjust your set…  Black-and-white Twilight Zone figures from Bif Bang Pow.

Is Hasbro relaunching Jem and the Holograms?  Could Marvel use this as a way to enter the manga market?  (Check out those funky hair colors…totally Shojo!)  Or is this just because it’s running on The Hub?  Jerrica Benton is the original Hannah Montana…

Snoopy ornaments and gift box at the Hallmark booth.  The round ornament is a music box with a pull string, playing “Christmastime is Here”.    Yes, Hallmark Keepsake Ornament collectors are a dedicated bunch.  For geeks, there are various licensees: Star Trek, Star Wars (featured at the show), Harry Potter, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Barbie, Pixar, Tron, Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Pirates of the Caribbean…

The show exclusive is … “the droids you’re looking for.”

There will be three Marvel Avengers metal ornaments which will have connecting bases to form a three-character figurine, for 2012.


  1. LoL at the Godzilla attacking San Diego!

    Envious much New Yorkers?

    I would like to go check out NYCC at least once. Looks like its not nearly as crowded as the SDCC.

  2. The Legion of Super-Heroes Multipack was on the shelf in the comic store on Big Bang Theory tonight. (I recognized Matter-Eater Lad, okay?)

    Is it out in stores?