SDCC11: This year, it’s all about the security

This year’s con is wilder than ever — everywhere you look there’s a parade or a circus breaking out. IGN has some kind of incredibly annoying and loud installation right by the Hilton Gaslamp; Marvel’s Monster trucks are roaming down Harbor Ave., loud as a jet fighter. We haven’t been on the floor since Preview Night — preferring to skulk in the alley ways and panel rooms of Old Con.

One of the big changes this year is the use of wristbands for exhibitors. This has cracked down on the people who would just borrow an exhibitor’s badge to get in early or stay late. It’s one of those little perks that rule benders have been taking advantage of for years — and it’s about to end.

The Watchtower: Comic-Con — Do-It-Yourself Edition

As the temperature outside hits 312 degrees Kelvin, I sit here in the cool subterranean basements deep in Stately Beat Manor, keeping watch over the reportage coming east from San Diego. While scanning the umpteenth cosplay photo, I got to thinking… perhaps our readers would care to look behind the curtain and see how we actually conglomerate the myriad data feeds which stream into our data center.

SDCC11: Eisners get a revamp

Tonight’s Eisner Award ceremony will be a bit different: the con has hired a producer to help tighten up the show and keep things moving along.

Previous Eisner Award ceremony, although a much loved comics tradition, have been, shall we say…lengthy. The new producer, who has a background in television and live events, is familiar with live awards shows and plays. According to con spokesman David Glanzer, there won’t be monumental changes, but “by tightening things up, we’ll see thigns run a littlr smoother, and hopefully help make it the event that people really do want to attend.”

Plans call for some trimming from the obituaries and other staging elements that will cut as much as a half hour from the show.

Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retail Award nominees announced

Seven amazing comics retailers were nominated for the Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer award, including stores from all over the United States. We have personal knowledge of many of these retailers and can testify that they all exemplify the passion and love of comics that is the heartbeat of the industry

The winner will be announced tonight at the Eisner Awards.

SDCC X-Men Panel: X-Books going Day & Date Digital, X-23 vs. Fantastic Four, X-Men: Schism, Wolverine vs. Cyclops = Xavier vs. Magneto and more

Since Uncanny X-Men just got renumbered – oh, I’m sorry, “ended” and “restarted” – today’s X-Men panel was pretty sure to bring interesting news.

It’s been pretty clear for the last few weeks that Marvel’s big push this convention was probably going to be X-Men, which makes sense, since the line has been losing visibility for years, overtaken by the various Avengers. And now, with a successful new X-Men movie under their belt, the time must have looked right. So what’s up?