So when's the next movie?

Today, DC’s Vertigo imprint had its big panel of the convention. At it, Max Collins, creator of the graphic novel The Road to Perdition wil be doing a third (and last) graphic novel in the series for Vertigo entitled Return to Perdition.Ongoing series The Unwritten will be moving to an unusual twice a month format, with full numbered issues (32, 33, 34 etc) detailing the main plot alternating with decimal issues (32.5, 33.5, 34.5 and so on) exploring other characters and storylines in the same world. John Constantine’s ongoing title Hellblazer will not end, despite the character’s ventures into the mainstream DCU.

Villains for hire
If she and Amanda Waller teamed up, would the world end from awesome?

Meanwhile, at Marvel’s Next Big Thing panel… Not content with one Deadpool, the Marvel Universe will soon also contain “Evil Deadpool” a new character made out of patchwork bits chopped off of the original actual Deadpool, Wade Wilson. Avengers: Origins, new series of one-shot origin issues, was announced. The books will focus on lesser known Avengers such as Scarlet Witch, Vision and Ant Man.  Marvel also announced that Heroes for Hire will make way for Villains For Hire, featuring superhero Misty Knight leading a team of villains, in what is presumably a Marvel Universe take on DC’s Suicide Squad concept. Runaways characters and other teen heroes from across the Marvel Universe will join the Avengers Academy comic in upcoming issues.

Ahoy! Do I spy a white whale?
Ahoy! Do I spy a white whale?

And in the land of flying hogs, J. Michael Straczynski’s The Twelve will finally be completed – all of the scripts have been finished and turned in, and issue 9 is scheduled to come out in February. On a similar note, Jonathan Hickman, writer of the new Ultimates title, swore that his new, rejuvenated version of Ultimates would come out on a reliable monthly basis, unlike its predecessors.


  1. Skimming down the beat, I notice pretty much all of the SDCC posts have got no comments – I wonder why that is?

    Maybe you are either there or it’s like looking at someone else’s holiday photos?

  2. There’s also “Gone to Amerikay” and “The Annotated Sandman”!

    “Evil Deadpool” makes perfect sense. Gentle Giant is offering a Con-exclusive “Squirrelpool” statue, so an “evil twin” is no surprise. Of course, this being Deadpool, it really should be a “good twin”, like Bizarro Deadpool…

  3. I’ll be rich when the last issue of the Twelve comes out.

    Something’s wrong: I don’t think I’m ever going to be rich….

  4. “… in what is presumably a Marvel Universe take on DC’s Suicide Squad concept.”

    Because Thunderbolts doesn’t do this.