First look at the entire, new, high-collared JLA

The complete image of the new Johns-Lee rebooted JLA has surfaced (apparently at IGN) and it’s clear that we have a “Big Seven” of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. Most of the new costumes involved higher collars. Superman has a new logo and no trunks over his tights. There are lots of other details, but when we mentioned earlier that these characters looked about the same we meant it — these are tweaks on the traditional (Super Friends, licensing) looks for these characters, not huge changes.

Creators and retailers respond to the huge DC news

From around the Twitterverse, an array of reactions to DC’s news that they are reboot their line in September and going to simultaneous digital release. New comics universes are a dime a dozen, but the digital news is really a game changer — it’s hard not to see every other publishers following suit quickly.

The next big announcement for this move would seem to be June 11, when Jim Lee and Geoff Johns are expected to “drop bombshells” at the Hero Complex Film Festival. Although HeroesCon, one of the bigger shows on the circuit, is this weekend, there are no official DC panels so no big announcements. Executive Editor Eddie Berganza is attending however, so catch him on the bar and hope he didn’t sign an NDA.

The New DCU: Bob Wayne tells retailers about day-and-date

Traditionally, digital comics have been to comics retailers what kryptonite was to Superman — something to be feared and avoided. And DC’s Bob Wayne has been in the forefront of keeping retailers happy, to the point of shutting down many initiatives over the years that might have ruffled their feathers and caused them to order fewer DC Comics.

It's official: DC takes the ultimate step and relaunches 50 titles, including digital release

After a few weeks of buzz and speculation — or merely simple detective work based on the very final sounding August DC solicits — it’s been announced:DC is revamping its entire line this September with new versions of classic characters and 50 new #1 titles, USA Today reports.

Stan Lee 3: The King and the Man in their own words

Gerry Giovinco‘s blog is always worth reading, but here’s a telling piece setting the two titans’ accounts of the origins of Marvel side by side and coming to a conclusion:

Stan Lee 2: Stan Lee's Phoenix Comic-Con report

What would a Stan Lee convention report be like? Twitter hath answered this question for the ages with his trip to this weekend’s Phoenix Comic-Con in Arizona, which drew some 25,000 people — the most ever. First with the packing anxiety common to all con-goers:

Stan Lee 1: Get your Stan Lee Tee courtesy of Secret Headquarters

Secret Headquarters, the LA- based comics shop, is selling some swell t-shirts, including this one featuring Stan the Man Lee which should fulfill both your hipness, homage, and fashion needs as we head into summer.

Geek Girls: How quickly things change

Given all the talk of late about geek girls, this Onion story from 2004 seems pretty dated: Osley attended the convention from Friday to Sunday, freely and confidently mingling with the 85 percent male crowd at the Hilton Burbank Airport and Convention Center. “From the moment she walked in the door, Paulette was the object […]

2011 Reuben Award winners

The 2011 Reuben Awards for the best in cartooning and related fields were presented at the annual National Cartoonists Society meeting on Saturday. Richard Thompson beat out Glen Keane and Stephan Pastis for THE Reuben as cartoonist of the year. Jill Thompson won the Comic Book category for BEASTS OF BURDEN, and Joyce Farmer won the graphic novel category for SPECIAL EXITS, while Jeff Parker and Steve Kelley’s DUSTIN won for best comic strip.

Coming Attractions: June 2011

Ah… Memorial Day approaches, and with it, summer vacation. Day after day of nothing which must be done, but full of possibilities! Maybe an escape to the air-conditioned refuge of your local library. Perhaps a day spent on the porch, sipping something cold and sinful (I prefer Brown Cows, served in a large ice tea glass). Or maybe hiding away up in a hayloft, or deep in a cool root cellar, where no one can find you. Whatever your preference, there’s nothing like a good book to make you forget the world around you. Below are some suggestions for your summer reading pleasures. (And if you need a nap to avoid the afternoon heat, give your kids something to read. It’ll keep them quiet long enough for you to recharge your batteries.)

When Memorial Day Becomes Remembrance Day

On Friday, May 25, 1984, in a small town of 1200 people, in a small grocery store on the highway not too far from cornfields, at the golden age of 14, I became a comic book collector.

What set me on this path that has led me >choke< 27 years later to be a comics missionary, spreading the four-color gospel far and wide? Well, I blame Morgan Freeman and Jim Shooter.

BookExpo America 2011: The Graphic Novel Diaspora

Once again, BookExpo America, “the leading North American publishing event” took place at the Javits Center in New York City. Just like various comic cons, attendees and journalists love to analyze the zeitgeists floating around the exhibition hall, while others prefer to ignore the elephants in the room.

So, following in the grand tradition of industry analysts and bloggers (beware the Camel’s nose!), I will give you my opinions at what I experienced this year.

Get well soon, Phil Yeh!

Artist Phil Yeh is a familiar sight at comics and books shows, painting murals as part of his “Cartoonists Across the World” literacy campaign which he’s been doing for over 20 years.

Chinese prisoners forced to play World of Warcraft for money

It’s a new style of pimping.

Instead of selling their bodies, or busting their backs digging ditches, some Chinese prisoners are forced to play World of Warcraft and pass the winnings on to cruel prison guards.

Nice art: Emma Rios' Cloak and Dagger and Marvel office moves

Marvel editor Steve Wacker was tweeting some art earlier in the day, including rather nice page by Emma Rios on the Cloak & Dagger Spider-Island tie-in. Clickee for largee!

Cryptozoic offer free World of Warcraft GN downloads

Back when they were signing and selling licensed comics, Tokyopop put out some World of Warcraft manga-sized graphic novels. Unlike other material lost in the diaspora of the company (which is officially closing down next week) these comics are still owned by Blizzard, and are being released digitally by Cryptozoic, the newish entertainment company headed up by Cory Jones, formerly of Blizzard, and John Nee, formerly of DC. Two Warcraft GNs and one Starcraft GN are available on Cryptozoic’s app for free for right now.