stan leeWhat would a Stan Lee convention report be like? Twitter hath answered this question for the ages with his trip to this weekend’s Phoenix Comic-Con in Arizona, which drew some 25,000 people — the most ever. First with the packing anxiety common to all con-goers:

Now must I pack, for Sunday soon approacheth. But fear thee not, my warriors, where‘ere I may be, my thoughts be with thee ever! Excelsior There, in the very heart of Arizona, shall I greet my brave Brigadiers at the Phoenix Con as our loyal recruiters distribute applications

And then the report on cartoonists and nerdlebrities alike:

Rejoice, True Believers! Thy beloved Generalissimo hath safely returned from his hazardous Phoenix excursion in the wilds of Arizona. ‘Twas a most exciting ComicCon and many were the brave Brigadiers who valiantly ventured forth to greet their courageous commander.

Happy was I to revisit Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy and George Takai though neither had e’er employed my famed interstellar skills. And fortunate was I to meet my dear friend, the lovely Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, also known to me as the Honey of Halloween

Now hark ye to my pal, writer/producer Jamie Paglia, of the great TV series “Eureka!” justly famed for my cameo in one of the episodes. Jamie brilliantly hosted my panel as we brought edification, enlightenment and endless enrichment to the lucky 4,000 who attended

And what a kick to meet and make merry with my good friend, titanically talented Todd McFarlane, the prize-winning creator of Spawn. Hard it is to believe that the scary, spooky, sinister Spawn was created by this kindly guy with a gorgeous wife and great gaggle of kids

Also was lucky to run into Bruce Boxleitner, the original Tron. What a great guy and wouldja believe, even better-looking than me! And of course, my ever-present sultan of security and master of mayhem, the meritorious Max Anderson was also present and accounted for. Yea, ‘twas a weekend to remember and soon as Max can find his camera we’ll tweet some photos to thee. Till then, my warriors, Excelsior!

Verily, it would be good to be the Man.