To do: Super Lit at PEN Literary Festival 4/30

The PEN World Literary Festival is a pretty big deal, bringing authors and audiences from around the world together for over a week of readings, talks and other events. They’ve had several cartoon-related events over the years (including a complete day of comics a few years back.) This year they are presenting a single event but it’s pretty sweet: Get Super Lit: Comic Books Come Alive on Stage

GATE 7 coming from CLAMP in October

A few years ago Dark Horse made a splash by announcing an all-new project with CLAMP, the insanely popular supergroup of manga-ka behind such hits as CHOBITS, CARDCAPTOR SAKURA, and CLOVER. Since then, little has been heard as CLAMP was busy with other projects and scheduling was not possible. However, DH has just announced that GATE 7 is finally coming out in October and released the cover image.

Superman's new citizenship status unleashes Fox News

ACTION COMICS #900 is a momentous occasion for many reasons — both numerically and thematically. The issue includes stories by an all-star line-up of folks including Paul Cornell, Damon Lindelof, Richard Donner, David S. Goyerm and Geoff Johns.

It also includes a mild little tale by Goyer wherein Superman decides to help out some Iranian protesters and gets chided by the US government for getting involved in “policy.” Prompting Superman to proclaim that he’s not a US citizen but a citizen of…the universe!

Or, as Fox News succinctly puts it:

Superman is no longer an American.