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The PEN World Literary Festival is a pretty big deal, bringing authors and audiences from around the world together for over a week of readings, talks and other events. They’ve had several cartoon-related events over the years (including a complete day of comics a few years back). This year they are presenting a single event but it’s pretty sweet: Get Super Lit: Comic Books Come Alive on Stage

with Kate Beaton, Nick Bertozzi, Kevin Colden, Mike Dawson, Ludovic Debeurme, Dean Haspiel, Michael Kupperman, Benjamin Marra, R. Sikoryak, Jeff Newelt, and Harvey Pekar (RIP).
Curated and produced by Jeff Newelt aka JAHFURRY
When: Saturday, April 30
Where: The Cooper Union, Frederick P. Rose Auditorium, 41 Cooper Sq., New York City
What time: 12–1:30 p.m.

Although tickets are normally $15, you can purchase one for only $10 using the discount code pen11 at the link.

This is an all-star lineup of cartoonists and comics readers, and the Frederic Rose Auditorium is a venue where both Abraham Lincoln amd Batack Obama have spoken, so this should be a good one. See you there.

Art accompanying this listing by R Sikoryak from “Dostoyevsky Comics.”