From the Archives: Star Trek #7, March 1970

Here’s a comic from my brothers’ collection, the type of comic kids read back in the 1960s and 70s.  We didn’t care about condition or collectibility, we just read the comics, tossed them in a cupboard somewhere, and maybe re-read them when we were bored.  That pile never got in the way, never got too […]

Nice Art: Roger Langridge's Father Ted

Why didn’t *WE* think of commissioning this? For those not in the know, Father Ted is one of the greatest sitcoms of all time, involving a bunch of Irish priests and their tea-loving housekeeper living on a small island off the coast. The show was created by Graham Linehan, best known these days for The […]

Nice Art: Moebius's Akira Kurosawa

Via Joe Keatinge

Holiday rewind: Team Venture Christmas Song

Totally missed this before, but better late than never? “Shallow Gravy”

Holiday time filler: Illustration magazine archives

Do not open this link until you have a lot of time. The online archives of Illustration magazine include piles of information on artists like Haddon Hubbard Sundblom, who perfected the “Santa Drinking Coke” look, above. If you are excited by an article titled “Inside the mind of Reynold Brown”, this is the place for […]

Lost cartoonist's family searches for lost daughter

The late Joel Beck was a pioneer of the Bay Area Underground comics revolution, illustrating Lenny of Laredo, a satirical bio of Lenny Bruce, and a naughty poster of Daisy Duck among other things. The SF Chronicle reports that he’s also part of a family mystery his survivors are trying to crack:

Is geek culture dead?

Comedian/actor/sometime comics writer Patton Oswalt expresses clearly the vague feeling we’ve often haphazardly batted about here: as Geek Culture becomes the norm, it is itself dying. Oswalt pegs the phenomenon of “Etewaf: Everything That Ever Was—Available Forever” as part of the problem, as the instantaneous availability of once-arcane knowledge devalues the feeling of achievement from […]