News rewind: Injured Spider-man actor takes first steps

As you probably know, the Spider-Man musical claimed another victim when Christopher Tierney, 31, the main aerobatic Spider-Man, plummeted 20 feet when his safety harness malfunctioned. Although he managed to tuck and roll in the fall, the injuries threaten his career as a dancer: Timothy Tierney said doctors were “cautiously optimistic” that his son would […]

The long strange trip

I know you don’t come here to see my vacation photos, but if there was ever a Man Against Weather post, it’s been my Christmas trip to the UK. My arrival last weekend — with a connecting flight in Paris — got caught up in the ongoing European travel crisis — earlier and more plentiful […]

Comics Mystery: Shiva Elvis

I work at the home office of Barnes & Noble, and we get a multitude of review copies every day. Being a bibliovore, I like to browse the shelves occasionally, to see what’s new and interesting, and to grab the occasional graphic novel for myself, or a Christmas present for my nieces and nephews. So, […]