RIP: Adrienne Roy

Adrienne Roy, a popular colorist of the ’80s and beyond, has passed away, an email from her ex husband Tony Tollin informs us. She was only 57. Adrienne was a fixture of the comics of the period, coloring many of DC’s best selling books including CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS — and always cutting a figure […]

Tidings of gloom #1: Josh Blaylock

Josh Blaylock is back and blogging.

The publisher of Devil’s Due, which seems to have gone on hiatus after selling many of its characters to Arcana, has moved to a tell-it-like-it-is blog and various ventures like his events company Pop Cultour. Although the most recent years of Devil’s Due was filled with charges of non-payment to freelancers, no one can say Blaylock isn’t a student of the game. He has some very good advice re S! corporations here, and another blunt post called
Will February ’11 Be a Comic Book Direct Market Massacre? Like many industry watchers, he feels the price CUT coming in February is of some concern:

Comic Relief near closing: Who is to blame?

In all the puff pieces and half-baked profiles one comes across in searching the internet, this story on the financial troubles of Berkeley’s Comic Relief ranks high on the list for out-and-out weirdness and omissions.

What is not in dispute is that since the death of owner Rory Root in 2008, the store has gone into serious decline. The piece reports that since going in arrears to Diamond, the shop has not received new product from them in a month. Understandably, without new comics, customers are not clamoring to shop there. Closing is imminent unless a new buyer for the shop is found.

Spider-Man musical delayed until February 7th as it searches for an ending

Not unexpectedly, the official opening of the Spider-Man musical has been delayed again; the new opening date is February 7th. The New York Times delves into the story: Originally slated to open in February 2010, and then pushed back to January 11, 2011 after delays, injuries and financial problems, this time the musical needs an […]

Chitter chatter: The ComixTalk 2010 Roundtable

Very knowledgeable webcomics folk Xaviar Xerexes, Brigid Alverson, Larry Cruz, Lauren Davis, Brian Heater, Rick Marshall, Gary Tyrrell and, inexplicably, The Beat gather together to look at the present and future of the digital comics medium.  Pairs well with Comics Alliance’s Digital December in which they talk to comics publisher digital czars for a nice state of the union.